Let’s Take It Outside

“Great let’s take it outside,” where no one will care if I blow your monster face off.

Caroline looked at Theo with narrowed eyes. Either he knew that Kace was a monster, or he was just standing up for his sick friend making the real monster of this situation Caroline. She didn’t like that thought one bit.

“Don’t worry,” she said to her friend. “He’ll be fine as long as he’s telling the truth. If he’s lying though...” She shot Kace a glance as she spoke to Theo. “I think you’ll have some explaining to do, considering your friend her won’t be able to say much with a bullet in his head.”

Caroline knew that she wasn’t subtle about her entire approach. She wasn’t a subtle person, and would never be. While some of the hunters, many of them, preferred games and tricks to lour monsters into truth, she liked to be straight forward. Blunt and threatening.

She nodded her head to the back door, urging Kace to go on ahead while she would follow with caution.

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