Hear me out

Kace and Theo glanced at one another before the later started walking. Kace took a deep breath and followed, and the pair looked as if they were walking on ice.
Despite the loud music and the darkness of the club, several dozens of people now had their eyes on the trio, watching cautiously. A few left, and they soon returned with a beautiful blonde girl; Lily. She was already pale, but now she looked white as a sheet, watching her boyfriend and best friend walk as though they were attending their own execution.
She guessed they were, in a way. The thought made her stomach flip. She just hoped Theo could keep everyone safe, and that she was making the right choice by staying out of the way.

Once Theo, Kace and Caroline made it out back, they looked at Caroline. Kace stood nervously, but refused to hide behind Theo, even if Theo could take a bullet.
Theo, on the other hand, looked like he was on the verge of breaking down into tears, which was surprised even himself a bit. As Kace reached up to his mask, his friend grabbed his arm and made him wait. Theo looked at Caroline. "Caroline, I know that you're a monster hunter, and I dont know why you hate monsters, but... please, please promise me that you'll let him talk first. And... and actually listen and hear him out. I'm not even saying you cant have the gun or whatever else you have, but... please trust me, Caroline. I know you and I haven't been friends long, but I swear on both mine and Kace's lives-- literally, because you can shoot us down at any second-- that Kace isnt here to put anyone is danger."
Honestly, Theo hadn't spoken so many words to Caroline in... well, ever. But it was obvious what he was saying was important to him, and he was completely honest with all he said. He wasnt a great liar, and sometimes he wished he were, but his cheeks and ears didnt redden and he looked Caroline straight in the eye; something he couldn't do if he were lying, which caroline has caught him doing at work time and time again with a red face.

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