The Usual

Theo grinned at Caroline and waved. "Alright, hang on just a second!"
After putting the tub in the kitchen, he quickly made his way back to Caroline's booth. He was glad that there were only a few people at the restaurant, since it gave him time to talk with his friend. "Alright, I went ahead and put in the order. And I'm..." He looked around, and after seeing none of his coworkers nearby, he looked back at her and whispered. "I'm a little tired today, and I want to die from exhaustion, but to answer your question... No, my face doesn't hurt from me smiling all the time, and even if it did, I'd still have to."
Theo sighed a bit, but kept his smile. That is, until he noticed the bloodstains. His smile faltered, but then became bigger, but the look in his eyes gave away that he wasn't very happy. "

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