Talk to Her

Theo tried to stay away from Caroline, and let her cool off. He really did.
After Lily told him and Kace what happened, he'd just disappeared into the sewers where he belonged. He felt awful, and shitty, and quite frankly there was no better place for him at the moment. Theo wandered around aimlessly, not even bothering to be human, and frequently getting called out by people who hadn't seen him in literal decades.
At some point, he ran into one of his many siblings, and quickly decided he needed to get out of the sewers.
He came out by his apartments, which were extremely close to Caroline's, and he took a few moments to just stand in the middle of the road and stare at the complex. Part of him wanted to go apologize, and really, it's not like he was afraid of a few bullets. But... He was afraid of what his friend-- er, ex friend?-- would say. She wouldn't believe him. He's a monster, and vicious, and bloodthirsty.
Theo sighed deeply and went to his own apartment, quite shocked to find that the light in his room was on. He became slime again and slowly made his way to his room, slipping under the door.
Lily sat on his bed, legs dangling off the side, with her boyfriend's head in her lap. She ran her fingers through his hair as he rested his eyes, and looked straight at Theo. It almost seemed as if she knew he were coming in from under the door. Well... It was a bad habit of his when it was just the three of them.
"You went to the sewers." It was more of a question than a statement.
"None of your business." Theo slid under his own bed, hoping to avoid further questions.
Instead, Lily moved Kace's head onto the bed and got down on the floor, looking under. "What happened to living out of spite?"
Theo stayed silent, so Lily took this as a chance to continue.
"So what if she's pissed off? So what if you trying to apologize," he made a disapproving sound, and Lily hushed him, "because I KNOW you want to, will only make her angry? At least you can say you tried. And you know what, Theodore? If she doesn't accept what you are, you still have me and Kace, and the rest of Kace's pack, and really ALL of the survivors. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's shallow of her to think all monsters are the same."
"You don't know why she hates monsters, Lily."
"It doesn't matter. She's hurting innocent people, and she might not realize it. She wont listen to me, she thinks I'm a monster, too, and I just met her tonight. Now get your ass out from under the bed and-- well, take a shower-- but go talk to her!"

And that's why Theo was now standing outside Caroline's door, freshly showered and timid, all while holding an unaddressed letter for if she didn't answer. He stood there for a good ten minutes, thinking about what to do, and say, and if he should even BE here... Until he finally knocked. He immediately looked terrified at what he'd done, but forced himself to stay in place, praying that she'd answer at least.

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