What's Your Name?

((OOC-- aight I already posted for the continuation between FallingSnow and I cause I didn't check to see if you posted, but I would really love it if we could still continue this branch of it! I'm more used to having separate routes of the same story, and only having two writers at a time, so if it's weird I'm sorry and please be patient with me lol. Also, if It's okay and if you want to stick to the main story route, we can make this interaction between Lily and Nazatormontia a scene between the time when Lily is in the parking lot, and when she is talking to Theo in his room. But the "Hunger" post confused me a bit, so would it be alright if we stuck with this one? I find it interesting!))

Lily jumped and quickly turned around, tears still in her eyes from watching Caroline hold a gun to her boyfriend's head. She was emotional, and jumpy, but she tried her best to stand her ground. She tried to find the monster's eyes, but eventually just looked at where she thought they would be.
"Well, it's... A bit more complicated than that. I guess I'm strange, but..." She remembered something Kace had told her, and trailed off. Don't give off extra information to monsters you don't know.
"Uhm… What's your name?" She was unsettled, but after hundreds of death threats, attempted murders, and just... seeing odd things, it took a lot to genuinely scare her.

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