Monster Talk

Theo looked up from the ground and stopped nervously tapping his foot. He fumbled for his words for a few seconds before sighing deeply, obviously frustrated with himself.
"I wanted--" he squeaked out his words, and quickly cleared his throat. "I wanted to apologize... I know you might not want to hear it! Now, or... O-or ever. But..." He glanced up at Caroline, forcing himself not to shrink to the size of penny. "I know I don't deserve it, but I really think we should talk. We can stay here, or, or go anywhere you want..." Theo trailed off, fiddling with the envelope still in his hands and making tiny rips in it.
He lowered his voice, looking around cautiously as he spoke. "I don't know why you hate monsters. I mean... I can guess all I want, but I have a feeling I'll probably be wrong. I don't expect you to tell me, not after everything that happened tonight, but," Theo paused and looked at Caroline again, "to me, you're still my friend. I thought... I thought if I hid things from you, there would never be conflict, and I was very, very wrong. A-and you can hate me that, but we really do need to talk about Monsters. Please. I'll even sit between two speakers turned all the way up, if you have any of those."
Although Caroline knew he was a monster, or at least had an idea, she didn't know what kind. the last comment probably sounded pretty weird, but for a slime, extremely loud sound can hurt... Or at least temporarily paralyze. Then again, slime monsters were pretty much only known by some of the monster community, so he didn't expect Caroline to get the comment anyways. Well, cant take it back now.

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