"Because loud sounds can hurt me," he mumbled, "or very well kill me, if loud enough."
Theo stood his ground, not being afraid of Caroline, even if she did talk about killing him. He kept trying to say something, anything, but when Caroline said they weren't friends, his heart broke. Theo didnt understand why he felt so strongly about their friendship, they hadn't known each other long-- or not long by his standards, at least-- but he almost started to cry again. He mentally cussed himself out for being a huge baby about everything.
"Caroline..." his voice sounded hurt, even though he knew he had no right to be, and he took a deep and shaky breath. "Th-then, it isn't just about you and me anymore. You're killing creatures who are trying their best to mediate between both sides. I cant... I cant prove anything to you, I know, but havent you noticed that some of the monsters you kill arent trying to hurt you?" He knew he was right, having lost so many of his friends to monster hunters over the years. His voice broke as he thought about it. "I'm not saying monsters arent bad. Some of us are. But... you cant go by what someone is. That's like saying, for you, that all black people are criminals, or all French people are wimps; its racist if you go just by what they look like. But that doesnt mean that some black people arent criminals, or that some French people arent wimps, because it isnt a matter of race. Anyone can be a criminal, or a wimp. With monsters, it's the same way. All monsters carry a bad reputation with humans. Hell, some monsters carry a bad reputation with other monsters! And... we didnt ask to be born this way. But me, Kace, Lily-- who by the way, is very much human, and often offends us with some of her questions and actions but that's cause she doesnt know any better-- and a whole group of other monsters are keeping both of you away from each other. And..." he took in a long, slow sigh, "a lot of us have hunted down monsters who have been bitter from the last war and are trying to take back the Earth."
Theo spoke as fast as he could, fearing Caroline wouldnt listen. "We were cowards, Caroline. We could fit in as human, so when the monsters were pushed away, we didnt have to go with them. This time, we dont want to just sit back and watch. Theres too many monsters you dont know about, like Sandrops in deserts, and, and even what Kace is, which is called a Thryi, because after humans rid themselves of us, they never kept it documented." He struggled for a second, having too many things to say and not enough time.
Theo ended up handing the letter to Caroline, even though it had tiny tears in it. "Please read this. It explains everything. And you dont have to read it right now. If you wont read it because I asked you to, then read it because it will help you with monster hunting..." he ducked his head and looked at the envelope, hand shaking. "If you choose to use it that way."
He was putting his complete trust in Caroline, and it was nerve wracking. Hed never really put his life in anyone's hands before, since he was used to people disappointing him, but this letter had monster types, the way to kill them, the way to find them... everything. And Caroline might have no idea what Theo is, but if she figured it out, she could kill him extremely easily, if she wanted to.

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