A Quick Stop

“Great!” Caroline cheered. “Now go get my food busboy, I’m starving.”

Once she’d cleared her plate and drowned her cup, she waited another half an hour for Theo to finish his shift. After years of hunting, patience came naturally.

“Ready to go?” She asked him with a grin. She drove the two of them in her old Jeep that she loved more than life itself. Even though it was covered in old cans of red bull and beer, smelled a lot like alcohol and tabaco and already started peeling the leather off the seats.

She made a quick stop at her apartment building in the cheaper side of the city. It was an old brick structure with a rusted fire escape trailing down its back side. Yet, it was comfortable. It was home.

“Wait here, I’m gonna get some new clothes to change into. I’ll be damned before I let anyone at the club see me like this.” She climbed out of the car leaving the keys inside so Theo could continue listening to the metal music she’d been playing. She didn’t want to take such delight away from him.

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