"Sure," he said, still smiling, "I will. Nice meeting you both... Great talking to you. See you around." With that and a friendly little wave, he went back inside 212.

Well, that had gone smoothly.... He was pleased with how the chance meeting had gone. He still felt good about it, yet he was suddenly exhausted. He collapsed onto the huge couch, lying back and pressing the little button on the side. The foot rest rose under his legs and the back reclined. It was a nice couch....

He lie there for a while, almost wanting to fall asleep there, but then he remembered his meds. Depending on what it was, he might be tempted to skip them, but this one was for helping him sleep and, most importantly, stopping nightmares. With a long sigh, he hit the other button and waited for the couch to return to its original position. It was a tad slow, but whatever.

He double checked the three locks on his door; one of them installed today, and turned the lights out before retreating to his bedroom and opening the nightstand drawer where he kept the bottles that were already open. He plucked out the one with a moon drawn in permanent marker on the lid and popped it open. He swallowed the
big white pill with some water from his nightstand water bottle and returned the pills to their neat place.

Next, he changed into sweatpants. When he took the phone out of his pocket, the card came with it. He set them both on the nightstand while he finished prepping for bed.

Finally, all lights but the lamp on his nightstand were out and he was under a nice weighted blanket. Thanks to the fan whirring in the corner, he wouldn't get too hot under it.

He took the card and looked it over. It was simple... Not much extra detail. He considered texting Elias now, but realized he was probably busy talking to Theo.... He decided to wait until tomorrow to text him.

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