Theo shook his head, smiling at him. "You're okay. I'm sorry we started arguing..." he looked down, feeling a bit guilty. "It wasnt the best of times."
Elias went to offer his hand to Dillon, but as soon as he looked out the apartment window he let out a gasp. "Holy crap!"
A giant crow flew down to a car, and shapeshifted into a condor.
Theo looked at Elias, confused, and Elias just pointed out the window. No matter how old he was, or how many odd things hes seen, it was still easy to catch him off gaurd.
Theo got up and looked out the window. He watched quietly until a high pitched noise was made, and he cringed, but kept watching. After seeing the Condor turn to slime and seep into the car, and the car driving off a few moments later, Theo turned back around to face Dillon and Elias with a sigh.
"... So, Reese is out and about." His voice held almost no emotion.
Elias made a face. "What happened?"
"Well... I believe they just got kidnapped."
"Come on. Really?"
Theo just stared at him, silent. There was a long pause and Elias sighed. "We just got things calmed down...."
"You dont need to come with me. Actually, it's best if you guys dont. But I'm tracking these people down, because it might be the same people who kidnapped Dillon."
They just watched each other for a moment, a stubborn and almost emotionless expression on Theo's face. The only thing that gave him away was the fire in his eyes.

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