The Time

Nadia had drifted as if in a dream. She had felt nothing, though she knew she was in a coma. Her "partner" had betrayed her, taken her broken form and forced her into this purgatory. She couldn't even know what he was doing.
Then a light began to grow in the void.
It took her a moment to realize that it was her eyes opening.
To weak for her anger to register, the question sounded more concerned.
"Calm yourself child. You have lost a lot of blood, even for a dragon."
Able to lift her eyelids enough to get a clear picture, she nearly fainted in shock. The Nepreen had his face mere inches from hers, once he knew she had awakened, he went about his business. He moved quickly and with purpose, gathering various items and bowls.
" doin."
A few minutes passed before an answer was given, when Mol-ik had finished gathering and mixing his concoctions.
"You were needed for your blood. I believed that the blood of a dragon would give my creation form. Now I have a new test."
She couldn't think enough to try and figure out what the damn bug was meaning. It finally clicked when he dipped a claw into a black ichor and moved towards her. Her eyes bulged in panic before she fainted from the stress.
"You will be my masterpiece."

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