Goodbye and Hello (joint post)

Dillon stayed hunched up on the couch with his pie and his bird, looking worriedly out the window as the car rounded the corner. He looked like a kicked puppy, cowering with big blue eyes. He wasn't exactly terrified of these people, but that didn't mean he didn't want to stay as far away from them as possible.

Even if he did have the emotional strength to try and help, he was physically useless. His other form wasn't at all convenient or controllable enough to rely on for actual use. There was no such thing as a precise operation with it involved.

It didn't take long for Theo to change into something more comfortable and baggy, hiding all sorts of weapons in his clothes. They hadn't been used in God knows how long, but that didn't mean he’d forgotten how to fight with them. He was back in his usual form, with short curly hair, and more masculine features.

Theo left the apartment silently and scowling, pure anger burning in his eyes. He shut the door with a soft click, and Elias just sighed. He was a bit worried, but for now, he decided to put his feelings off to the side. Theo would be fine, and Dillon seemed to still need someone. Elias settled back into the pullout bed, offering his hand to Dillon in a silent question.
“Is the pie helping?” His voice was soft, and careful. He wished he could find a way to make Dillon happy again.
Dillon held Elias's hand in his own, gazing blankly at the edge of the bed. He wasn't crying anymore, and he was fairly calm, but his inner sorrow was obvious. He nodded. "My aunt used to always make it..." he said, his weak voice trailing off. Make it when? Typically, just as a pleasant surprise. She never made it to cheer him up or anything, because before, he'd never needed cheering up. He never got upset about anything when he was young.
A few long moments later, Dillon's phone buzzed again. Elias jumped a bit, not expecting the noise and having been in deep thought about Theo and Dillon. The later checked his phone.

Cain: Hey, I'm not sure if it's a good time or whatever, but can I come and talk to you now? It'll take me awhile to get there, since I'm pretty sure I can't fly right now, but if it isn't a good time, I can wait.

Cain was already on a bus, bandaged and slowly healing. He was thinking of somewhere to go, since to him it was terribly cold outside, and he could only think of either Dillon, Theo, or Elias’ house. He only had the courage to text the former.

Now really wasn't the best time... But if it meant Cain needed to be away from his sister, then...

Dillon: At Theo's. Come on over. (Address)

Dillon hoped that adding Cain to the fray wouldn't result in too much more drama.

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