Comfort (joint post)

Elias gently squeezed Dillon's hand. “Would you like a hug?” He wasn't particularly great when cheering people up, but he'd try for Dillon.
Dillon answered by wrapping his arms around Elias. Hugs weren't something he got much of in his life. It definitely made him appreciate them much more, especially from someone like Elias. What exactly someone like Elias meant, he wasn't sure.

Cain: okay. Be there soon. Thank you.

Elias smiled a bit. “Who's texting you? If it's okay to ask.”

"Cain..." Dillon mumbled into Elias's shoulder. "He's coming over.... Probably should've asked, but... I figured he's probably..."

Elias returned the hug, gently rubbing his back for a few moments before shifting to face Dillon more, giving him a more proper hug. Out of habit, he carefully nuzzled his cheek against the side of Dillon's head.

"Nah, it's fine. Cain won't wreck the place, and he definitely wouldn't be asking to come over if he thought Nadia would come and get him. Did he say what's up?"

Dillon nuzzled back just a bit. “I think he just wants to talk… I'm not sure. I'm glad he wants to hang around with us, though.”

He wondered what changed to make Cain want to come over after leaving last time. Perhaps he had an opportunity to get away for awhile and chose to use it to get to know Dillon better. Why him though? Maybe Cain just found him easier to interact with for some reason. Maybe it was his age, or maybe Cain just thought he was kind.

Elias grinned, and while he knew Dillon probably didn't realize how happy it made him that he nuzzled back, he couldn't help but giggle just a bit. “Ah, you give the best hugs… oh, and yeah, me too. I'm… a bit surprised he's visiting so soon… and a tad worried, I guess.”
Elias began to make the odd, content growling sound again, closing his eyes. “I'm glad he knows we aren't angry with him, at least. Every time he sees me, before he says anything, he always asks if I'm upset with him. When I ask why he thinks that, he said it's because of the look on my face… even when I'm smiling.”

Dillon cringed. “I can only imagine how awful his sister is…” He remembered how Cain was when he'd first met him… then after he woke up. He tightened his hug and gripped the back of Elias's shirt, taking a deep shuddering breath. He felt that ache in his chest again and whimpered before he could think to stop himself.

Don't think about it… Don't think about it….

At first, Elias was confused, but it didn't take him long to put the pieces together. He slowly rocked them side to side, rubbing Dillon's back and placing a soft kiss on his shoulder. He wasn't sure what to do to help, and decided to just hold Dillon and hum a relaxing song, hoping it'd be enough.

Dillon chose not to say anything, knowing one word could make his voice break and send him into misery again. He wished he could express just how much he appreciated Elias and his efforts. As an attempt, he hugged him a little harder.

He knew he'd never be able to get over it. He'd never recover. But… would he break down like this every time? Forever? Would he never have a full night's sleep go uninterrupted without the help of medication? Would his scar always be sensitive? Would he ever be able to look at a serrated edge without panicking?

Elias briefly squeezed Dillon, nuzzling against him again. He waited for a couple minutes before saying anything, mentally debating whether or not to ask. “Is there anything else I can do to help…?” He felt like he'd asked that a billion and one times now, and he hoped it wasn't annoying Dillon, or making things worse.

“-don't know…” he managed to say. His voice was thick, like it didn't want to come out. “Just… this.” He wanted to apologize for just about breaking down again, but knew it would be brushed off.

Suddenly, he realized he'd never actually told anybody what had happened. There'd been plenty of evidence for Casper to just figure it out. He'd never had to say anything. Would telling somebody help? He didn't think so. The weight of it on his chest wasn't going anywhere. Maybe… somebody could help him carry it, though? No. No, at least not yet.

“Alright…” Elias moved a bit so he was laying down, Dillon half way on top of him. His arms were loose around the other man, trying to show that he wasn't trapped here or anything, but he continued to rub his back and occasionally play with his hair. He was silent for a long while.

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