Come In (joint post)

After a good five or ten minutes, Cain texted Dillon, I'm here, and a few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. It was soft, and if they'd been in any other room, they probably wouldn't have heard it.

Elias looked at Dillon. “I bet that's Cain. Can he come in?”

Dillon was calm again, relaxed in Elias's arms. With a sigh, he pushed himself up off of Elias, causing the man to pout. He nodded. “Yeah… yeah I'm okay.”

Lisa, who had been perched quietly on the back of the couch chose now to return to his shoulder. She immediately began to run her bill through his hair making little clicks and squeaks like kisses. Dillon smiled. “Cutie…” He gently stroked her head.

Elias got up and went to the door, checking through the peephole before letting Cain inside. “Why is it, whenever I see you, you have bandages everywhere?”
Cain giggled. “Well, this time it's from something different. And it won't be happening again. Is Dillon here?”

Elias nodded and moved aside, and Cain walked in. “Hey, Dillon--” he gasped softly, “a magpie!” He walked over to the couch, excited and grinning a bit. He had a hoodie on and pulled up over his head, and his hands were in his pockets, but he had band aids and bruises all over his face and neck. Regardless, he looked relaxed, and relatively happy.

Elias came over and sat down where he'd been before. Cain took a seat on the chair almost opposite from the couch.

“Before I start talking, how is everyone's night?” Cain gave a semi-nervous smile, not sure if he should bring this up now, but knowing it's a little late not to. He just hoped it'd be okay.

Dillon wondered how he ought to answer… Casually or truthfully? He shrugged. “Well… it's been eventful.” He transferred Lisa to his hand, where she held onto his fingers with her little feet and looked at him, wanting to play with his hair more.

“So… you're doing okay?” The bandages had him worried… if not his sister, than what were they from?

“Yes, I'm alright. I, uh, got into a car accident. Which… was caused by my sister. But I don't need to worry about that anymore.” Cain smiled, but it was only half hearted.
“I know now might not be a good time, but… I do need to talk to you about something important. Well, a couple things, but… if you're not in the mood, I understand, and we really can talk later.”

Dillon was a little puzzled. “Well… what kind of important? I guess now is as good a time as ever…” He was actually feeling quite a bit better from the nice snuggle. Hopefully nothing Cain had to say could set him off again. He felt like he might be able to handle it, but… it depended what it was.

Just in case, Elias took Dillon's hand, and put his other arm around him, giving him the best hug he could at the moment.
Cain began to mess with his sleeves, nervous. “Well… I guess I'll start at the beginning?”

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