Check (joint post)

Cain told them about the past week-- he did not go into much detail, but he did rat out Mol-ik. He told about how he had fought back against Nadia, limiting the description to just the fact he had actually breathed fire at her, and then… he talked about the wreck. He only stopped a couple of times, remembering how it had felt and how he had felt before he pretty much ate the steering wheel.
“So, now, I don't know where Nadia is. Which would be fine, though I'm a bit… uhm… nervous about her not being around? Since this is the first time in… almost 1,200 years.” He shrugged. “I don't know if she will come for me or not, or if she even can, but… I might go back home to see. I don't know.”
He moved on to the more important thing. “Someone named Dr. Merchante helped me, and uhm… later on, Mr. Davis came in and talked to me. He told me about what happened yesterday, and I offered to help out by, uh… guarding isn't the right word, but i hope you know what I mean.” He had taken his shoes off and crossed his legs beneath him, more nervous than before. “I… I know you might be angry with me, for leaving the last time… but… I will only be a guardian if you want me to, or dont mind. And…” he felt so selfish, but he couldn't place why. Cain didn't know how to explain, but he tried anyways. “Even if Mr. Davis hadn't of said anything, I'd still like to hang out with you. You're really kind, and I enjoy your company. He said that… uhm… he said he doubts you're upset with me, and so if… if you're really not upset with me, then… I'd hope we'd be friends, in which case, I'd be there to help anyways. If… that makes sense.” He glanced up at Dillon, then back down. “I'm sorry if this sounds awful, and like I'm just doing it because Mr. Davis asked. I said I'd only do it if you allowed me to, and even then, I still want to be your friend…”

“Of course I'm not upset,” was Dillon's first response.

It was quite a bit to take in. To think Simon just happened to find him at the crash…. He was glad, of course, that he'd had immediate help. When it came to Casper, however, he was always suspicious. It was just like Casper to take advantage like this. Was there really much to take advantage of, though? If Cain already wanted to be friends anyways...

“I… Don't know about guardian,” he told Cain. “But I'd love to have you as a friend.”

Cain relaxed. He wasn't too heartbroken over Dillon not wanting him to be a guardian, at least not for now. He grinned, cringed because it hurt just a bit, and then continued to grin anyways.
“I'm… really happy you're not upset with me. And I'll tell Mr. Davis that, uhm, you aren't sure about me being your guardian, but, again… I'm glad you'll let me be your friend after what happened.” He was referring to him more or less ditching everyone for Nadia. “I suppose.. that's all I really wanted to talk to you about.”
Elias had been antsy throughout the entire conversation, looking at the door and out the window upon occasion. It was obvious he was worried about Theo. Finally, after the conversation was over, he looked at Dillon with a guilty expression. “If… you want to talk with Cain more, I can go check on Theo…”
It was more of a question of if Dillon would let him go check on Theo.

“Oh, right! Right, yeah…” Dillon felt guilty again for making things about him when it was clearly Theo and Reese who were in trouble now. “Go do whatever needs to be done, okay? Don't worry about me.”

Elias gently kissed Dillon's cheek, reluctantly getting up from the couch. “Thank you… and we'll be back soon, hopefully with Reese. And we'll make it up to you.” He giggled, giving Dillon a kiss on the back of his hand before getting his keys and phone. He left without another word, obviously concerned.

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