Follow the Leader (joint post)

((OOC-- not sure how to transition, so.... Back to Theo, right after he left the apartment.))

As for Theo and his little hunting adventure, he didn't “borrow” a vehicle like he normally would, and instead took the sewers. He even took the opportunity to tell the other slime creatures that Reese was in danger. After a series of Great!, Fantastic!, and Who cares?, Theo finally lied and said that the monster hunters were coming into the sewers, next.
Well, that got everyone up and about.
Creatures searched high and low for Matthew and Caroline’s hideout, not sure of who they were really looking for other than a slime ball in an ice cube. In the end, Theo was the one that found the hideout… With the help of a certain someone.
From the shadows, one small crow swooped down and landed gracefully on the ground before the fuming slime’s path. Theo tensed, putting his hands up in case the bird tried to gouge his eyes out.

“Theo, correct?” It spoke casually, with a perfectly human voice. It’s beak remained shut and unmoving. “I can guide you to them.”
With that simple message, it took to the air again.

Theo, honestly, had no idea what to do. He was frozen in place, just staring at the bird, and looked around to see if anyone had seen or heard what had just happened. Really, he was more surprised the bird had not attacked him.
Eventually, he shook himself out of the surprise, and took flight in the form of a robin.

The deathly silent crow lead Theo farther and farther from the suburbs. It didn't move like a real creature. It was too precise. There were no unnecessary glances or twitches. It's face was static, like a statue. It barely flapped its wings at all. It was almost like a black paper airplane gliding smoothly flawlessly. Theo caught up with the bird, following just behind it. He was unnerved at having a bird talk to him, and though he's seen weirder things, he couldn't help but ask, “Who are you, and how do you know where my sibling is?” His words were careful but spoken confidently. Theo would do almost anything to get their sibling back and safe, but… he knew he'd made a possible mistake trusting this random… person?

After minutes and miles over the woods, a small building became visible ahead among the trees.

He sighed, looking at the building with mixed feelings. What if this was some sort of trap? Theo had hurt many creatures before-- and currently-- and he's sure they'd just love to get their hands on him and tear him to bits. It wouldn't be the first time, either.

At first, it didn't seem like there was going to be an answer, but one did come. "This isn't me," the bird, or rather the voice emanating through it, chose to explain. "But I'm Dillon's father. I've been watching these people very closely ever sense they very unwisely chose to kidnap him."

Theo was a bit confused at first, but soon put the pieces together. “Oh! Well… Not really how I wanted to meet you, but uh… Nice to meet you?” Theo almost forgot how to fly. He hated the situation even worse now, but… “Thank you for helping me find my sibling.” Theo was sure Casper wasn't just helping from the kindness of his heart, but he wasn't about to complain.

The bird silently swooped to land on a delicate branch on the tree closest to the building. "We can meet properly another time if you'd like," he said. "It was no trouble taking you here. What happens now, however is your choice."

Theo landed next to the crow, sighing again. He seemed to be deep in thought. “I'm not sure I should go in by myself. I wanted to bring backup, but… there's no sewer system.” Most slime creatures are mixed with another type of creature, but not all of them could shape shift and get to the hideout easily. “Maybe… I should go back for Elias…” he was thinking aloud, and made a small squeak in frustration. “No, no no, he'll talk me out of it. Ugh.”
Theo shifted his wings, ready to take flight. “Get Reese, leave…” he looked over at Casper again, and even if he was a Robin, the concern was obvious. “Thanks again, Mr. Davis. I hope to actually meet you soon, and uh… not while I have weapons strapped all over me.” He tried to make the situation lighter, more for himself than anyone else. He did not want to admit he was out of practice, but there was no one he could really ask for help.
So, Theo flew down from the tree, imitating one of the many brightly colored leaves that floated down from the treetops, and became a mouse once on the ground. He hid in the leaves for a bit, waiting, and watching.

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