Its 'They' (joint post)

Theo had really struggled to find a good, easy way into the hideout, and once he had, he clung to the ceiling and quietly made his way towards his sibling.
He saw the chamber they were being kept in, and their frozen form, and he wanted so badly to hurt the hunters. Theo knew Reese had to be in pain, slime or not. He just stuck to the ceiling for a bit, listening and thinking. The hunters had probably not been expecting Reese, so they had to have acted quickly. Or… maybe they were just throwing random things at him, and just got lucky.

Looking at the frozen being was almost painful for Matthew. Another cocky...THING... making him look like a fool. He was sick of it.
"So then what are we going to do with him?"
Theo sighed silently. Well, at least the girl hadn't said it.
Caroline looked at the smirk the creature had. It reminded her of Theo. She shook her head to shake some sense into her, he had lied to her. True, it was a very sensitive matter, but still, he said it was the truth and she had bought it.
Bastard could have gotten her killed.
"Him?? Who knows if it has a gender. You treat it like a human and it will kill you. Take your "friend", that information would have been a death sentence if I hadn't seen it."
Ah, there we go, Theo thought, the proper hunter way. Make assumptions, think you're better than everyone else… Theo rolled his eyes, sneaking slowly over to the container Reese was in.
Caroline knew Matthew was right, but why was there still a part of her that felt bad? If anything, he could mimic being human very well. She shook her head again, Theo's face when they had last spoke entering her thoughts. She needed to be a Hunter, not some sort of sympathizer.
"Why not interrogate it then? It seems related to the one I knew."
Matthew was beginning to worry about his apprentice. She had already been fooled once.

Theo rolled the girl's sentence over in his mind for a bit. He took a good, long look at the girl, and quite literally went green.
Of course, he hadn't expected her to just stop being a monster hunter. Was the guy referring to what Theo had written to Caroline, before? He wanted so desperately to tell her the truth, about why he lied a bit in the letter, and that it wouldn't have gotten her killed, but…
She wouldn't listen. He knew she wouldn't. Hell, she shot at him! She tried to actually kill him, without a second thought!
He pushed his emotions back down inside him, and he became his usual coloring once again. Theo looked around for an idea, something, anything to get his sibling out of the ice.
Eventually, he went to another room, looking around for something heavy to break the ice. All he found were boxes upon boxes… he was sure that wouldn't really do anything.
Theo went back and quietly slipped into the chamber where Reese was, hoping his horrible plan would somehow work. And also thankful for all the traits that came with being a slime, including his amazing camouflage skills. He made his way up onto the ceiling again, and waited until Matthew and Caroline weren’t fully looking at Reese.
Then, he did something really, really dumb.
He stretched down to wrap part of himself around Reese's ice prison, bringing them up to the ceiling and then dropping them.
Part of the ice broke and shattered across the floor, and Reese immediately came to. They were disoriented, and still half frozen, but Theo quickly helped them onto their feet again and they stretched, breaking the ice best they could.
Theo quickly left the chamber, and Reese followed, a bit slow from the cold.
He took a more humanoid form, resembling who Caroline knew more than his natural self. He looked pointedly at her. He was sure he wouldn't get out of this, anyways, but maybe Reese could.
“Alright, so you try to shoot me without knowing it does nothing, and then you freeze my sibling?” He looked to Matthew. “And its they, thank you!”
The little distraction gave Reese enough time to slip back into hiding somewhere, slowly making their way outside of the hideout.

Matthew was furious, veins popping at yet another failed capture. Watching the being appear, it was not the one he had caught.
“What we do is kill THINGS like you! You are all an abomination on this Earth!”
FIguring the other was fleeing, he pressed a button on the wall that put the safe house on lockdown.
“Nothing escapes this building, now, unless you want to be frozen from the inside out, surrender yourself.”
At this point, he was ready to kill the being on the spot, then find the other and be rid of it. Caroline stopped him however.
“Theo… You forced my hand. You knew what I was and you revealed yourself! It didn’t matter what you were, I would have shot you anyway. Besides, you would have gotten me killed with that bullshit letter of yours!”
She moved to stand in front of him...them? She pushed the thought of their friendship out of the way.
“Also your sibling attacked us, to be fair. We didn’t even know about it until it smashed onto his car and then forced its way inside.”
The door to the chamber remained open and the chamber itself seemed undamaged. Hoping he was solid enough, she whispered a quick sorry before shoving him in and slamming the door shut.
Matthew looked at her with minor irritation.
“Never show such emotion in front of them again. That will kill you.”
Caroline looked at her mentor, her face clear, but her mind telling her what she had done was wrong.

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