During the car ride, Theo cracked a joke about how messy Caroline's car was. Now that she was away, Theo tried to pass the time by taking the empty cans out of his friends car and tossing them in the garbage. He kept tripping over himself from just how tired he was, and he really hoped no one saw. At some point, he cut his finger on a can and didn't notice until he was back in the car.

"God... Dammit," he whispered out, looking at the with a mix of frustration and panic. He easily healed himself-- being a slime monster had its perks-- but he couldn't get rid of the blood stain on his clothes. After his shift was over, he changed into some jean shorts with cute doodles sharpeed all over them, a white t-shirt, and his signature letterman jacket. Now, there was an iridescent, slightly shiny stain on his white t-shirt.

Theo looked up towards where Caroline went, and quickly zipped up his jacket, huffing. It wasn't like he didn't know she was a monster hunter. Well, scratch that, he had an idea that she was. A gut feeling, really. But if life has ever taught him anything, it's that he should trust his instincts. He wished he didn't have to worry, but knowing Caroline, she just might try to stab him as soon as he says anything.

With that thought, he sat glumly in his seat with his hands in his lap, staring at the place that had once had a cut on it from the can.

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