No Bullet Hurts Him

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He looked at the stone wall in front of him, trying to distract himself with the small cracks as he walked.

3.... 2.... 1.

Caroline finished her counting, and Theo was still hovering in the hallway, slowly making his way down. It was almost as if he wanted to be shot.

She hesitated for a moment. Would she really shoot her friend? She started to lower her gun. But they weren’t friends anymore were they?

In an instance her anger was back, the trigger nearly pulling itself. A perfect shot into his back but Theo barely appeared bothered by it. It was only when she heard the bullet collide with the ground in front of him, that she realised it had travelled right through him.

He was unharmed and Caroline didn’t know how to feel about it. Yet fear was the first thing that rose in her. Without a moment of hesitation she was back in her apartment, the door slammed and bolted shut behind her.

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