Phone Call (joint post)

“Theo… You forced my hand. You knew what I was and you revealed yourself! It didn’t matter what you were, I would have shot you anyway. Besides, you would have gotten me killed with that bullshit letter of yours!”
Theo shook his head, wanting desperately to comment on the letter. He looked hurt, to say the least, but he let Caroline speak, since they likely wouldn't get another chance. He slowly began to forget about Matthew, and just focused on his friend. Well... former friend.
"I took a chance, because I thought you'd be able to see past what I am, and see me for who I am. And the letter--"
Before he could finish his sentence, he heard Caroline whisper an apology before shoving him into the chamber. He had seen her planning-- she wasn't slick-- but he chose yet again to not do anything. Bad move.
Despite having the time to slip back out of the room, he stayed inside, looking Caroline in the eyes briefly. He offered her a small smile, soft and forgiving. Theo looked up and carefully read Matthew's lips. He noticed how the hunter referred to Theo as 'them' instead of 'it' this time.
"I only kill monsters," he shouted through the chamber walls, signing just in case they couldn't hear him. Either way, a quick glance or muffled words, or even reading a word from his lips, would likely get them to think.
For a bit, it was silent. It seemed that Reese had gotten away.
A small voice soon echoed throughout the hideout, sounding upset and careful. "You were spying on Theodore, which means you were going to hurt him soon." Reese stayed in hiding, happy for the echo. They curled up into a small, shivering ball, not knowing where to go or what to do. They were useless without their older brother.

The echo prevented Matthew from finding the source of the voice. Since it was speaking, it was clearly still in the building. Hearing Theo speak, he walked up to the chamber window and hit the glass with his fist.
“You ARE a monster. You self-delusional creatures think that we will forgive if you betray your own?? How can we trust you then, huh?”

Theo sighed deeply. "Monsters aren't always creatures. Sometimes, they're humans." He mumbled it to himself, though it'd be easy to read his lips.

The safe house did not have any way to freeze its entirety, the one that had escaped had relative freedom now. Giving another stern look towards his apprentice, he went and grabbed his phone from the desk.
“Hello Matthew, I am surprised to hear from you. I hope it is good news?”
Matthew felt his face grow read from the oncoming shame.
“No, no good news. The town I was sent to has more of a presence than we thought. I am requesting back-up.”
A silence fell as he waited for a response.
“I am coming.”
Matthew froze at the response, knowing the severity of such a command.
“Wait, I didn’t mean that it was out of control, I just need some extra help with identifying the various monsters that reside here. I can handle it still, I am just making sure that there is no chance for them to escape.”
Another silence, Matthew glaring at the chamber as he knew it was watching.
“Alright, you have a cousin that is stationed nearby, he will be contacted and relocated. DON’T make me regret that choice.”
Putting his phone down with a sigh, he moved back to the chamber.

Theo had watched Matthew for a bit while he talked, but he soon became bored, and he focused on becoming a complete version of the usual, every day Theo. His hair was longer, and he occupied his shaking hands by braiding it.

“You are not the only vigilantes we have found. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, WE will always fear YOU. Caroline, you decide what happens to it. As long as it is dead by the end, I don’t care.”

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