Stupid Thryi (joint post)

Theo's eyes looked as though they could burn through the wall once Matthew came back, and every bit of his anger was aimed at the hunter. Though, it fizzled into nothing once Matthew commented on the fear of creatures.

He clenched his jaw and turned his eyes to the floor, frustrated with both people standing before him. He could understand their fear. Historically, they might have known little about what actually happened, and the true interactions between humans and creatures. Some creatures fed on humans, some humans killed creatures for their beautiful scales or soft fluffy fur. Both sides were at fault.

He looked back up at Matthew. "That's bullshit!" He shouted it so loud that his voice sounded clear as day, fists clenched.
"You drove us out! You killed us! You were scared and full of hate and came at us while we were not expecting it! How else would you have defeated dragons and nagas and, and--" his voice was still loud, but it cracked, and tears began to roll down his face. Despite this, he didn't look weak or vulnerable. "Your ancestors purged mine from the world. Humans are not the victims. You never were. You had your ways to protect yourselves from the creatures that fed on you, and you had the hides of the creatures you trapped and skinned. It was never a situation where there was just one victim. And it still isn't! There's real monsters out there, and you're wasting your time on a fucking slime ball instead of, oh you know, the fucking Minotaur that was raging around the park not even a full week ago!"

He opened his mouth to say more, dark skin even redder with rage, but he was quickly cut off when a loud thunk and crunch sounded out through the hideout. Theo snapped his mouth shut and, out of habit, took his more gelatinous form and stuck himself firmly to the wall.

Reese let loose a fit of giggles, hanging onto whatever they could after hearing an angry roar from outside the building.

Before Caroline and Matthew had much time to react, the hideout was ripped from the ground and immediately turned upside down, then to the sides, the beast outside shaking it just enough to disorient, but not enough to seriously injure anyone.

"Release my boyfriend, and his... crazy, horrible snot ball of a sibling." The words were mostly growled out in a multitude of voices mixed together, and Reese's giggles evolved into evil, maniacal laughter.

"Elias, stop it!" Theo shouted at the top of his lungs, watching helplessly as Caroline and Matthew slipped around the room, along with the likely dangerous objects from the boxes. He quickly rolled his way to the door of the chamber, yelling for Reese, who was too busy laughing to hear.

"Reese, you psycho, grab Caroline and the dude! Reese! Reese!" Theo desperately looked around for a way out. The way he had come in before had been blocked.
He flinched as a hoard of objects, along with the hunters, came flying towards him, but he kept himself stuck to the door. When the building was tilted the opposite way, the door swung open, and Theo clung to it for a few seconds before dropping himself to Caroline and Matthew.

The shaking was erratic, and there was no way for him to plan where he'd end up, but he eventually was able to make his way to the hunters. He stuck himself to the wall and grabbed them as the contents of the room slipped to the opposite wall, and he quickly put them up against the wall and made the biggest dome he could over them.

"I do not con-dome this, by the way." He offered the pair a nervous grin, knowing this was a good way to get himself killed on the spot, but he didn't much care. Soon, the room came piling down on Theo, and he cringed, but he held the dome. Soon, the building was shaking much, much more violently, and Theo shouted, "Oh, you stupid, stupid werewolf!"

It didn't do much.

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