Over (joint post)

With the safe house shaking, Matthew couldn’t see or hear what was outside. Papers flew in all directions and valuable tools were dashed on the walls.

What the hell made this mission so damn different from the others? He had faced worse than Thyri, but God seemed hellbent on making this as difficult as possible at every turn.

To make matters worse, the debris had set the slime free AND it was protecting him.
“What are you doing? You think this will change anything?”

Theo rolled his eyes, looking at Matthew and sighing. He didn't say anything, and just did his best to dodge the attacks.

Fighting desperately against the slime's embrace, he looked to Caroline.
“Come on! You can’t just sit here and let it feel all heroic!”

“And WHAT, let every box in this building smash us?”

Shocked into silence by her outburst, Matthew raged at her compliance. Everything was going to shit and now even his apprentice fought him. As his fury reached a peak, he suddenly blacked out.

As the massive creature shook the building, its claws finally broke through. Theo carefully grabbed the hunters and jumped to a safer area, then formed a dome around them once again. As soon as the building's frame was torn, the metal suddenly began to glow white. As it dripped off of the frame, the rivers of metal became alive, spreading over one of the Thyri’s hands. Some trickles dug down into the flesh, while others began to seemingly replace the muscle entirely.

Theo watched helplessly, his face slowly turning to an expression of horror as his friends howled in pain. The sound made Theo cringe and falter, allowing Caroline and Matthew to drop to the ground.

As quickly as it began, the river stopped, cooling instantly.

Theo watched as the metal cooled, and he grabbed Caroline and Matthew once again, obviously slower and a bit in pain.

"Reese, come on..." He called out to his sibling, and they came rolling out from their hiding spot, still giggling softly from nervousness. Theo found an opening big enough for the four of them and slipped himself and Reese over the edge, pulling the hunters along with them. It was a long fall to the ground, but the slime creatures broke the human's fall, and immediately they began to get Caroline and Matthew to a safe area.
The beast kneeled, growling now in pain, ears back and mouths snarling. Theo and Reese took their more human forms, both looking at Caroline.

"Listen," Theo spoke quickly, "I know you hate me, and I'm a dirty nasty slime ball, but Caroline, I didn't give you that letter to hurt you. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking, I was worried that you wouldn't listen to me if I just said some bullshit like 'uhh, Caroline, I'm yer friend and friends stick together, hurrr', so I gave you some of my trust, and ended up putting both you and creatures in danger. If you don't want to be friends, fine--" he choked on his words a bit, "if, if you really hate me, fine. But I trusted you enough to show you my disgusting self-- and don't think I don't know I'm gross-- and to give you a mostly-accurate list of my vulnerabilities."

Reese interrupted, grinning nervously. "Theo, bad time--"

"Well, it's not like we can do anything about that!" He gestured to the giant creature on the ground, in pain. Theo was obviously torn, and so, so concerned, but he was right... there wasn't much they could do.

Reese looked at Caroline. "Hey, uh, if you can carry the dude, you should get somewhere sa--" they looked at Matthew and trailed off, eyes narrowing. "... Doesn't it seem a bit odd that no one here has the power to fucking melt metal?"

Theo shrugged exaggeratedly, throwing his hands up in the air. "Yeah, and?" Reese looked at him, and they just stared at each other for a few moments before glancing back down at Matthew, a look of realization on their faces.

Then, they took to arguing quietly. Could Matthew be a creature like them? No, of course not! Then surely, some sort of witch? No witch could do that.

They continued to bicker, both creatures getting uncomfortable and taking tiny steps away from Matthew.

Caroline stood in silence, trying to process the events. Theo’s emotional rant was something she could deal with, what made her pause was the implications given by both slimes.

She looked down at her mentor, who was soundly snoring. His hatred for monsters was genuine…..maybe it was born from hating himself? Did he know?

Looking at the….thing that had attacked the building, Caroline decided to follow Theo’s brothers? advice. The whole thing made her head spin.

Matthew woke in a dark room, at first panicking until he saw Caroline sitting across from him.

“Where the hell are we?”

“My apartment. Look, do you remember anything?”

Matthew thought for a moment. All he could think of was everything up until the slime grabbed them.

“All I remember is you telling me to allow help from your freaks.”

She didn’t have a good reason for it, but Caroline was mostly too tired to deal with Matthews comment.

“Look you idiot! It doesn’t matter if we still plan on killing them, they saved our asses! Besides, you think you’re so above it all? You are one of them!”

The anger she felt immediately extinguished at the glare Matthew gave her. He sat up slowly and made for the door.

“Your apprenticeship is over.”

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