Aftermath 2 (mushy lovey dovey bois, beware)

((OOC-- This is the gayest, mushiest thing you'll ever read lmao sorry ya'll. I was gonna skip it, but it's too cute not to post in my opinion, but then again, im bias.))

Theo helped him up, giving him a reassuring smile and leading him upstairs. Once they were away from the group, he began to speak again, voice soft just in case someone else was trying to listen in.
“I'm sorry if I seemed angry, I just… I'm upset that Julian didn't say anything. Just… left.” He huffed, but gave Dillons hand a gentle squeeze. “Either way, I… I don't want you to say anything to Elias because-- I know it's stupid, but it's because, uhm..” he wasn't sure how to say it without making it sound like he's angry with Elias. Theo sighed deeply before continuing.
“Elias is old, as we both know, and grew up in a time where being homosexual or bisexual was not okay. He has no issues with it, and neither did his family, but when it comes to himself…” Theo slowed his walking a bit, looking at the floor and frowning. “He was always scared to be openly affectionate towards me, and that always pissed me off. I mean, if his shoulder so much as brushed mine while we were out eating lunch with people, and were sitting in the same booth, he'd pretty much scoot over so that he'd be sitting on the very edge of the seat, as far away from me as he could get. I thought it was because I made him uncomfortable, which… would've made sense. Then i thought it was because I confused him, since sometimes I'd look more feminine, or would use female pronouns. Kace actually told me why he acts like that, though, and I just…”
He struggled for a while to find the right words. “It made me even more angry, honestly. Not... not at him. Just at the situation. So even though I've liked him for over half a century, 63 years to be exact, and he's liked me for that long too, I refused to have anything to do with him romantically until he admitted to me that he has feelings for me. And it's not because I'm a dick, it's because I don't want to date someone who is afraid or embarrassed to be with me. I want to be able to tell people I'm dating him, and I want to be able to hold his hand in public without him jumping a foot in the air and looking around like he's about to get stabbed. He's been doing so much better, lately, but... he's so difficult.” Theo smiled a bit, despite what he was saying. “I love him half to death, though, so of course I'd never drop him or anything because of it. He… actually said, in front of his pack and the hunters, and even Reese, that I'm his boyfriend now, but… I will ask for confirmation on that, later.”
He swung their hands a bit, finding the conversation a bit too mushy and personal for the current situation, and wanting to do something silly. “Also, I know you may not have noticed any of that, but I promise I'm not making it up.” He laughed a bit, looking up at Dillon. “I also promise that I usually don't make people chase me for half a century,” he held up their hands for a moment before putting them down again, “as you can see.”

Dillon kept that small smile on his face. “Well… What can I say? I've only been here less than two weeks and now I've got you both. That hardly seems fair…” He gave Theo's hand another little squeeze. “I didn't really notice it much, but that does all make sense. It can't be easy to change habits and thought processes that you've had for centuries. Change isn't easy. Even in the pursuit of something you want, you…” he trailed off with a gentle sigh. “I dunno…. There's a lot of factors…”

Theo shrugged. “Well, it was just great timing is all! And yeah, I understand. It's never easy to change things like that, and that's why I've never gotten angry with him. And… to be honest, I do enjoy making people chase me around, most of the time, because they're cute and I also get to see if they're serious about me or not.” He looked up at Dillon. “I guess I didn't do that with you, because I could tell you aren't gonna just… ditch me when you get bored, or use me.”
Theo sighed deeply, looking back down at the ground. He hadn't said anything to Dillon about Cardinal quite yet, because he didn't really know how to bring it up, but he was still upset about everything even a week after. He tried not to let it show too much.
They eventually arrived at Elias’ room, and Theo gently knocked on the door, just in case he was sleeping.
At first, there was no response, and Theo was about to take Dillon back downstairs. A soft sniffle came from behind the door, and Theo frowned.
“Elias, can we come in?”
Again, there was a long pause, before a shaky voice said, “I guess…”
Theo quietly opened the door and led Dillon inside, closing the door behind them. Elias was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, staring down into his lap. He didn't seem to be doing anything, and his hair hid his face from view, but one of his arms looked as though it had been completely ripped apart and sewn back together again. He was pressing each fingertip to his thumb on both hands, his left hand starting at the pinky, and his right starting at his pointer finger.
Theo frowned again, squeezing Dillon's hand a bit from nervousness. He knew Elias only did that when he was trying to stay calm, but was failing to do so. He didn't say anything and decided to just let go of Dillon's hand and walk over to the other side of the bed, sitting down next to Elias. His eyes went wide for a second, but he quickly recovered. Theo glanced over at Dillon briefly, knowing the other man couldn't see what he saw, and hoping he didn't just worry him even more.
Elias face, on the side facing away from Dillon, looked just about the same as his arm. The scars on his face were almost completely flat, however, but they were still obvious, and a couple of the scars did rise up from the skin a bit. Some looked to be burns, while others looked like they were from deep gashes.
Elias had noticed Theo's reaction, and his hands stopped moving for a moment, curling into fists. He then went back to what he'd been doing, fingers fumbling worse than before. He stayed silent though, and so did Theo.

It was awful for Dillon. It was so hard to keep quiet and refrain from trying to tell Elias that Casper could fix it. He approached silently and seated himself on Elias's free side, keeping his eyes away from the scars for his own sake as well as Elias's. He wouldn't say a word until Elias did.

Casper could fix it. Casper could fix anything. The question was at what price? Dillon felt almost pouty at the thought. Casper always took care of him for free. One wouldn't expect a parent to charge their child, or an owner to charge their pet. Dillon belonged to Casper, therefore he was his responsibility.

Well, now Elias and Theo belonged to Dillon. It was a little different, but they were part of the package now. He was sure he could convince Casper of the logic. They were both an important part of him now… and Casper knew better than to mess with something like that now. If he didn't, then… it was back to square one and any faith he had in the man would die on the spot. It was dramatic, but… of course it was dramatic. Every single part of the it was nothing short of dramatic.

He was hesitant, but took the hand on Elias's non-injured side.

Elias glanced over at their hands, curling his fingers around Dillon's. He tucked his injured arm against him, trying to hide the part of it that showed by leaning over it a bit. Obviously, it didn't really hide much.
Theo frowned again, and he gently rested a hand on Elias’ uninjured arm. The Thyri just looked up at Theo, then back to his own legs.
“Do… you still hurt?” Theo's voice was as soft as it could possibly be, and Elias shook his head. For a while, it was quiet again.
“I'm not hurt, just… sore. I'm sorry I worried you…”
Theo smiled, though it was almost sad. “Are you… hurting somewhere else?”
Elias thought for a moment before shrugging. He wished Theo was on the other side of him, where Dillon was, so neither one of them could see his face.
“I'm just worried… I don't know what you two are thinking, and I don't really know what I look like, either. Going by my arm… it's probably pretty bad. I just…” Elias sighed deeply. He didn't finish his thought.
“Well, what are you thinking?”
Elias smiled a little. “I'm thinking that if I look up, I'm about to lose two boyfriends in record time.” His tone was somewhere between sad and sarcastic, and it was almost impossible to tell if he was serious or not.

Dillon raised an eyebrow, his expression turning to almost a grumpy pout. “Really? Gorgeous and handsome as the two of you are, that's had nothing to do with any of this. It wouldn't matter if you looked like an angel or a… a dirty potato. It's your souls I'm in love with.”

He held Elias's hand even tighter. “As long as you're not in pain, I don't care! I… I love both of you.”

Elias looked shocked at Dillon's response, and Theo giggled. “Aww…” he grinned and Elias slowly looked up at Dillon, his surprised expression slowly melting into a soft smile. His cheeks were pink, and his shoulders were drawn up a bit, but otherwise he looked quite happy.
“Wow…” Elias began, voice soft and a bit shaky. “You…” he ended up grinning, and he raised Dillon's hand to his lips, kissing it. He couldn't make himself respond verbally, at least, not without crying.
Theo just leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Elias’ cheek, not wanting to interrupt the little moment but still wanting him to know he was there for him.

Dillon went just a little pink at the kiss. A grin creeped up on his face as well. Now fairly certain it would be welcome, he leaned into Elias's side, hugging his arm.

“You know… If you want… I'm pretty sure Casper could figure out a way to get it all back to normal… Whether by natural means or… less natural. I'm not normally bratty, but I totally will be if it means he'll do it.”

He very rarely, if ever, asked Casper for anything. Despite growing up filthy rich he wasn't exactly spoiled. It was partially because of how Casper decided to raise him and partially because he never really wanted or asked for things. Now was different. Elias wasn't a thing. He was important. His happiness was important.

Elias shook his head. “I… I'll think about it, but… if you two don't mind, I don't think I'll want to fix my scars.” He shrugged. “I really was just worried that… you guys would think I'm ugly, and want nothing to do with me. I mean… I don't want to see myself quite yet, because I already didn't think I was even close to being attractive, so I can only imagine how awful I look now. But… usually, Thyri see scars as a thing of beauty. It shows you've been through something, and you won, and lived through it. What kind of example would I be setting if I willingly got rid of my scars?”
Theo smiled. “Well, of course you weren't close to being attractive. You passed ‘attractiveness’ a loooong time ago, you're closer to ‘divine beauty’.” Theo wiggled his eyebrows, snorting when Elias pushed him playfully. “But seriously, Elias… You're still as handsome as ever, at least to me. And honestly, I'd side with your pack-- there's nothing wrong with scars. It doesn't affect a person's beauty. If anything, your scars make you even more attractive, because you got them trying to protect someone you care about.”
Theo thought about how Elias had tried to help him and Reese, and how even after getting hurt, they didn't just try to drop the building and run off for help. Even if things hadn't happened the way they did, Elias likely would've still gained a scar or two from the ordeal. Of course, he wished Elias would've been in less pain, but still.

Dillon smiled gently. “You're right,” he said. “Absolutely right.” He almost felt bad for suggesting it. It wasn't that he thought any less of Elias either way, but… “I just wanted you to know that was an option. If anything beyond aesthetics proves to be an issue, though… You'll let us know, right?” He couldn't stand the thought of Elias trying to continue through pain or the loss of functionality.

He got a better look at Elias's face and couldn't help but grin a bit wider. “Not gonna lie… definitely adds a bit of “rogue”ish handsomeness.”

Elias smiled back, though he was more bashful about it. “Well, right now, I just feel sore… like I've ran a marathon, then went and lifted like four hundred pounds for an hour…” he laughed nervously. “Well, I guess not quite that bad, but… I don't want to move a lot… and yes, I will tell you if it becomes an issue, but I'm pretty sure all the metal came out, and my muscles are fine….”
He wasn't going to respond to Dillon's last comment at first, but he ended up smiling and blushing more and more as the moments passed. Eventually, he sighed. “And… I hope you guys aren't exaggerating, because if i look in the mirror and i see--”
“The handsomest Thryi in the whole world staring back at you, you'll give us so many kisses for being the best boyfriends ever?” Theo laid down on the bed, in front of the other men.
Elias began to laugh, rolling his eyes at Theo. He didn't respond, and instead just gently ran his fingers through Theo's hair. Theo was content, at first, closing his eyes and staying silent.
“So, is everyone okay with me bringing up something from earlier today? Because Elias, you publicly announced that I am, indeed, your boyfriend, and that's a really big jump from ‘barely being able to hold hands in public’.” In a way, Theo was teasing, but he cracked open an eye to look at Elias with a smirk.
Elias went red. “Uhh, can we just, uh, can we nap?”
Theo huffed. “Gonna have to face it eventually.”
“..... not yet, let's nap.”
As Elias got under the covers, Theo just smiled softly. He wasn't too angry, but he had just a hint of sadness on his face. Oh well, he thought, we'll get it eventually.

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