Simon and "Elizabeth"

Across the balcony, Simon and Caroline had dropped their things. “I'll take the floor,” he said, being the gentleman. There was only one bed. They had to sell it, after all.

Simon's offer was very touching, but Caroline didn’t feel right about it.
“No, no. You take the bed. You’re actually apart of this family. I’m just the Scrooge getting dragged along.”

Simon sighed. He couldn't help but grin, though. “I hadn't thought about it like that…. Really though, you're getting dragged along… least I can do is make sure you're comfortable along the way.” He wouldn't exactly admit they'd kidnapped her. Casper wanted her to like them, right? Even though she'd been an accomplice to Dillon's kidnapping. Really, it didn't make much sense to Simon, but the alternative was killing her.

”Stop, I don’t need to be comfortable. I don’t WANT to be comfortable right now. How am I supposed to sleep when the kid I nearly tortured is in the same house. Not only that, but I shot his...whatever he is right now.”
Walking over to a window, she looked out at the view.
“Have to admit though. Pretty nice to see my own hell frozen over.”

Simon frowned. There was nothing to argue against. It was all true. But… he'd known Dillon from the moment he'd been born. The kid had never done a single thing to warrant any of the horrible things that had happened so far in his life.

He sighed. “I'll never understand it,” he muttered. “Why did you do it? What did he do?”

A hollow laugh came from Caroline as she ran her hand through her hair and turned to face Simon.
“He didn’t do anything. Unless you count his birth against him. That’s what we do, we fight to protect humanity. Don’t have a clue what to do now since Theo revealed he was… of them. We never thought of them as human, as people. Just creatures mimicking us for survival.”

Simon considered her words. It was absurd… to condemn someone for what they were and not what they'd done… He let out another sigh. “I… Let's not get into it. Mr. Davis brought you here to do your own thinking, I'd imagine. It doesn't really matter what I tell you. You're here to see it yourself.”

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