Zoe was sitting on the opposite side of Quinn than Dillon, and while she participated in dinner and ate, Quinn just sat and stared at the empty plate in front of him.

Elias took his seat on the other side of Dillon, and Theo sat across from Dillon, and right next to Caroline. Cain sat a seat away from Elias, even though there were plenty of seats left.
The men grinned at Casper as he spoke, and once everyone's plates were made, Theo and Cain dug in. Elias, on the other hand, went to cut a bite-sized piece of lasagna, then set his fork back down after a moment. Theo looked at him, confused, but Elias just offered him a smile.

Dillon tried to eat at a normal pace, resisting devouring the whole plate and getting more. He had plenty of his own snacks. There was no need to take what someone else might want more of.

“Did you wanna… make a plate and go find somewhere to eat?” he asked Elias quietly.

“No, I can wait,” he whispered back, a bit embarrassed, “I don't want to miss any conversations and then be out of the loop when I come back.”
Well, that was only half the truth. He didn't like to eat alone, and didn't want to pull anyone away from dinner. Plus, maybe if they kept eating dinner together, they'd all get a little bit closer. He just hoped Casper wouldn't find it rude that his plate would seem untouched while the others likely went for seconds.

Dillon gave him a small smile. “Alright.” He proceeded to eat at what felt like a painfully slow pace, but looked normal.

Casper wasn't offended in the slightest, not even seeming to take notice. He suspected that Elias might have a special case when it came to eating. Many creatures did. He'd even asked Dillon beforehand if any of his friends had dietary restriction. All Dillon had said was that Elias preferred not to eat in front of people.

“Theo, you warming up alright?” Dillon asked a little louder across the table. Hopefully hot food was warming him up inside.

“Oh, yeah, I'm fine!” Theo took another bite, eating it completely before continuing. “I only look like this cause I'm warm. Quit worrying! Elias was the one who seemed super cold.” Theo giggled, his tone playful and happy. He still looked like porcelain, and he'd noticed it while eating. Either way, he wanted to change the subject before one of his boyfriends tried to argue or press the issue further. “This is really good! I've never had handmade lasagna, it's much better than from the box.”

Dillon smiled. “Yeah? Well… glad you're doing alright. You had us worried. Let's be careful next time, okay? I think we have glove warmers somewhere…”

“There's some in the laundry room and some in the junk drawer,” interjected Casper from his own small talk with Simon.

Theo huffed a bit, but he couldn't help but smile. At least they cared about him. “... will you quit worrying if I use the glove warmers?” His smile grew a bit bigger.
Elias rolled his eyes. “Theo, we're supposed to worry about you, plus you look like glass.”
“Well maybe I want to look like glass.”
Elias groaned from his boyfriends stubbornness, and Theo smirked, trying his best not to laugh.
“Seriously, I'll tell you guys when you need to worry. I promise. I'm not gonna, like, die from freezing.” He kept his voice soft, hoping that his boyfriends-- and apparently Casper-- would let him off the hook. “I'm not even cold.”

((OOC-- there, all caught up!!! I'd like to mention that Zoe and Quinn are not my characters, and they are not WolfyWolf or LucianNepreen's either! They are another friend's characters, and that is why they don't have pages.))

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