OOC - Summary from the last few mass/joint posts!

Elias and the pack went to rescue Reese and Theo from Matthew and Caroline. The pack ended up being badly injured by Matthew, who is found to be a human who has creature blood, and Elias now has scars all over him from the ordeal.

Caroline is invited on an annual trip to Alaska by Casper, and must disguise herself as Simon's new girlfriend. Zoe, Quinn, Elias, Theo, and Cain also get to go on the trip as well, and Caroline (fake name is Elizabeth) is given the goal of seeing how creatures truly are when they don't think Caroline is around.
So far, on the trip, yet another question about Dillion is raised when Casper mentions Dillon's old room, and Quinn is also a mystery in himself. Theo, Elias, and Dillon go outside to play in the snow, with Theo almost being frozen and swearing he is alright.
Everyone is soon called to dinner, and so far, they are just talking and bonding.

Now that we are caught up, I hope to continue our regular posts! Have fun everyone!

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