Who Am I

The X-Rays and story did its job well. For the duration of Casper speaking, Caroline didn’t see the abomination Matthew had captured to find others.
She saw a boy. A helpless boy that was panicking after being kidnapped again. Not knowing what would happen or what they would do to him.
The momentary rage silenced the last sliver of defiance within her. It brought a guilt to her mind that made her think of all the others she had killed.
How many had been lost and scared? How many were parents protecting their children, children begging for their parents.
Looking at the papers, she noticed water hitting them, only then feeling the tears marking her face.
She stood silently, not able to meet Caspers eyes. She wasn’t a Hunter, but neither could she be a friend to these people. Not after everything she had done.
Wiping her eyes, she finally looked at Casper. He had the eyes of a man with a lifetime of regret. While otherwise looking young, the age was clear to someone who looked.
“I..I don’t know. Thank you... for giving me a second chance.”
She couldn’t find the words for anything else, instead wrapping her arms around herself and exiting the room.

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