Dillon woke up nice and comfortable with the side of his face pressed perfectly into his foam pillow and his body curled up somewhat. The room was nice and cool. He wanted to stay there for hours and hours, but, as one of the tips in "Roslyn Reach's Guide to Living with Depression" said, he needed to "Get out of bed. Get ready for the day. Accomplish something small today."

He sat up with a groan, hugging his other pillow close to his chest. He'd slept pretty well the first night in the apartment. As was a habit, he reached for his phone and was reminded of last night by the card sitting on it. He looked it over once more before adding Elias to his contacts.

He opened messaging and stopped there, wondering what exactly he wanted to ask.

"Hey, it's Dillon" he typed. He had to pause for a moment.

Dillon: Hey, it's Dillon. What exactly is the group about? What do you all do? Just hang out, or.... More?

He was sure there was more... He just had no idea how to ask about it.

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