A Shadow

Caroline was about to leave her apartment when she saw something move in the side of her eye. She looked out of the window beside her, only to find a shadow digging through the large garbage cans in the alley across the street.

Normally it wouldn’t have bothered her, but this shadow wasn’t normal. It was undoubtedly bigger than she’d expect a human to be next to a trash can that size. It barely looked human either, with a missshapen head and a wonky body. She leaned closer to study it, trying to identify what type of monster it might be. Nothing that had a shilluette like that came to mind.

It wasn’t anything new, there were always new monsters of all shapes and sizes popping up here and there. Vampires and Werewolves were only the beginning of a long list of disgusting creatures.

Not many meters from the alley, her car was parked. Her head snapped to her Jeep, spotting Theo come out of the door with her trash in hand. As soon as he was by the trash can, the monster had disappeared.

Strapping an extra gun to her tigh, she left her apartment and caught up with her friend, sitting in the car, looking more uncomfortable than he had when she’d left him.

“What is it?” She asked as she dropped into the drivers seat. She studied his zipped up jaket. “You should unzip that, looks better.”

Caroline was just about to start the engine, but turned back to Theo instead. “I saw you cleaned my car. Did you happen to see anyone by the garbage cans over there?” She tried to sound subtle while internally she was burning to run after the shadow.

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