His dreams were chaotic. The sky burned, the world was ash, yet 'Mason' walked through it untouched. People burned around him and every time he reached out to help them, they crumbled to dust at his touch. Then he heard the sounds of pack of some animal-man hybrid or something coming toward him. They looked like wolves and monkeys with wings but hollow faces yet howled in a most unholy manner.

One caught him when he tried to run, stuck to the ground, frozen like ice. The hand clasped his throat and he felt his body begin to burn. He was in flames, in agony that wouddn't end, but the creature just stared at him from the empty void where a face should be and a cruel laugh erupted throughout his ordeal which came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Just when he felt like he would perish... he woke up.

He was inside some building, a church maybe? Had he blacked out on the church's doorstep? And was he still smoldering? He panicked, tipping the chair he was in over, and frantically tried to put out the burning embers he felt must be on his person somewhere.

OCC-He doesn't know which Angel is his father - that can be the moderator's call.

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