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Summary: He doesn't go looking for trouble, but he manages to stumble into it anyway.

W.A. (Wrong Arturo)

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Gender: Male

Age: 44

Group: human

Physical Appearance

About 20 years older than he looks in this profile picture.

Personality and interests

Friendly, loyal, but easily flabbergasted.

Despite the hardships he's encountered in his life, he remains a man of faith.


Max (as he was then known) was taken from his friends and family by the Kromaggs back when he was in his 20s. There he met and became friends with a group of people who ultimately escaped and rose up against the Kromaggs.

At one point, the Kromaggs claimed one of his eyes, and he wore an eyepatch. Eventually, though, he found a world with replacement ocular technology, and now has two eyes again.

On his world, holographic costumes are very common and inexpensive. He's often used his holographic emitter, or "holofield," to fool Kromaggs and slip past others unaware.

The multiverse is filled with "doubles": alternate versions of the same person living in other dimensions, usually unaware of each other. For a long time, Max thought he was a double* of Professor Maximillian Arturo, until he actually met the Professsor and found that he didn't look or sound anything like him (nor were they the same age). Nonetheless, the nickname "Wrong Arturo," or "W.A.," had long since stuck.

He has never found his way back to his home world to find his family.

He met Sarah Jenkins on his journeys, and they fell in love and got married.

It's been a long time, and W.A. thought his adventuring days were long behind him...until now.

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Image of W.A. (Wrong Arturo)
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