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Summary: A lost slider travelling with his sister Mia.

Miles Turner

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-Twenties

Group: human




Electrical Engineer
Fast runner


Not applicable

Physical Appearance

A slim young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Miles is naturally inquisitive and kind. As a boy he enjoyed two things: science class and track which turn out to be very valuable when living life as a slider.

Since meeting his opposite-sex double Mia the two have become like siblings, and he is fiercely loyal and protective of her.


Miles grew up in Oregon with his father, his mother had long since abandoned them which has left quite an impression on Miles as he developed a loner personality and trust issues with most people. Spending most of his time as a young boy in his father's garage where he tinkered with gadgets and gizmos.

However in high school he somewhat came out of his shell as he soon found a passion for running and joined the track team. He holds the school record for fastest time around the track and has yet to be beaten.

The day before he was about to head off for college a strange woman approached him. She called herself Mia and claimed to be an alternate version of himself from a parallel universe. It wasn't until she brought him to her world that he believed her and the two have been sliding across the interdimension, becoming fast friends to the point they see themselves as the sibling they never had.

However during one particular slide they found themselves trapped on a world overrun by genetically engineered spider-wasps, forcing them to activate their timer early and irrevocably damaging it, preventing them from returning home. They have been lost ever since.

Favourite Sayings

"When in doubt, run."

Favourite food

Pineapple pizza (which ironically Mia finds disgusting)

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Image of Miles Turner
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