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Summary: Former villain seeking redemption.

Logan St. Clair

Gender: Female

Age: 44

Group: human




Scientist focusing on sliding technology.


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Physical Appearance

Logan is an attractive woman with short dark hair who has the look of someone who has been sliding alone for quite some time. Her hair style and attire reflects her nomadic lifestyle. Her clothing being comprised of secondhand or pilfered clothing with enough pockets, both visible and secret, to keep what she needs on hand.

Personality and interests

Originally an ambitious and ruthless young woman determined to use sliding to pillage other worlds for their natural resources, her years of sliding alone have taken their toll, shaping her into a woman filled with many regrets.

Despite her desire to redeem herself after her numerous crimes, she finds it hard to tow the line and remain in the light in some cases. This is a mix of her original inclination to serve her own interests and her survival instincts developed after sliding alone for several years. Resulting in her sometimes using cold logic and disregarding compassion to solve certain problems.

However her guilt continues to gnaw at her constantly, and she strives to do better, though struggles on occasion.


Logan is from a world where the Earth's natural resources are all but depleted. She and a double of Professor Maximillian Arturo worked to develop sliding, but she had other plans for the technology which involved pillaging other worlds for their resources. Arturo, horrified by this revelation, threatened to expose her plans but Logan murdered him to cover up her secret.

Then she learned that a double of Arturo along with a group of sliders from a parallel Earth arrived thanks to her ability to track wormholes. She later discovered that one of the sliders, Quinn Mallory, was her opposite-sex double, which explained why the two had a strong connection despite only having just met. She used this to her advantage, seducing Quinn so he'd be inclined to help her perfect sliding. However, the sliders discovered her plans and successfully stopped her. However the result was her being lost like they were, doomed to slide randomly in a desperate bid to return home.

The years since then proved difficult for Logan as she tried to track the sliders down and get her revenge. However, she ran into the Kromaggs first and was a prisoner of theirs for a time. Seeing the Kromaggs pillage other worlds as she would have done, and the resulting devastation and suffering they wrought scarred her deeply. With a new found determination to find some sort of redemption she worked with other prisoners to escape to another Earth via a stolen Kromagg manta ship.

It was Logan's intention to sacrifice her life to save the other prisoners, but fate had other plans as she found herself in a situation to escape thanks to finding a confiscated timer in a lab. She proceeded to slide from one Earth to the other, wandering the multiverse in a search for the redemption she feels she still needs to achieve.

Favourite Sayings

"It's necessary."

Favourite food

Coming from a world where the primary source of food was something called "geo-mash" she finds any other food she has tried on numerous worlds to be preferable.

That being said, she is obsessed with strawberries.

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Image of Logan St. Clair
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