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Summary: One of the many Arturos to get lost in the multiverse, now seeking a way to stop Shiva

Maximillian Arturo

Gender: Male

Age: 74

Group: human




Professor of Cosmology and Ontology
Shiva Researcher



Physical Appearance

An older man with dark hair that's graying in places, is significantly thinner than he once was as well.

Personality and interests

Somewhat abrasive and easy to anger. Arturo is a brilliant scientist and is loyal to his friends.


A double from a parallel universe, this Arturo shared many similarities with his Prime counterpart. He became lost with his group of Sliders and traveled the multiverse for a time before eventually returning to his own world to find it ravaged by the Kromaggs.

Utilizing his knowledge of sliding he was able to help expel the Kromaggs from his world, a feat he was able to accomplish with the help of Inter-dimensional Task Force Agent 47, whom he now works with to find a way to bring down Shiva.

Shiva has become a bit of an obsession for Arturo, as he desperately seeks a way to put an end to its rampage across the multiverse.

Favourite Sayings

Calling people a "blistering idiot."

Favourite food

A fine cup of tea.

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Image of Maximillian Arturo
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