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Summary: The Sliders' team mom

Mama Latasha

Gender: Female

Age: Early 50s

Group: human




Homemaker, cook, seamstress, mother.

Also knows how to whip someone's butt when it needs whippin'



Physical Appearance

An older-looking African-American woman with long dark hair.

Stronger than she looks.

Personality and interests

Mama Latasha is someone who takes nonsense from no one, and is always willing to speak her mind about the given situation. She also prides herself on her motherly instincts, as she basically served as the neighborhood mother to all the children who were growing up in her little nook in the city. She is caring, loyal, and holds an iron will when it comes to taking care of those she cares for.


Mama Latasha grew up in an average, middle-class family and graduated high school before marrying the man she would eventually come to call "my no-good, cheatin', scumbag of an ex-husband." She had three kids, the eldest being her daughter Latasha. However in the neighborhood where her kids grew up the other neighborhood kids looked up to her. She welcomed them all into her home and when tragedy or misfortune struck was more than happy to provide the kids a place to rest and food for their bellies. Hence her name "Mama."

She worked as a grocery store clerk until retiring and opting to sell her handmade curtains online.

Despite being an wholly normal person she doesn't seem fazed by the revelation of sliding, and now works to take care of her new "adopted" children any way she can.

Favourite Sayings

"I'll whip your behind."

Favourite food

She enjoys blueberry pie, and makes the best blueberry pies in the entire multiverse.

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