This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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This is less of a D&D style game, where someone just writes, "Bilbo throws his dagger," and then waits for the DM to tell him what happened. This is more of a collaborative fiction where we write in long prose, and can talk about what other people's characters are thinking or doing.

You're pretty free in what you have them do, although if you write something crazy (like having someone else's heroic character murder an innocent person out of the blue), you're probably going to be asked to revised it.

Since this is based on the TV show "Sliders," please keep posts within a roughly TV-PG content to match the original show. Thanks!


In case you're not familiar with the TV show "Sliders," it was about a group of people who "slid" from one parallel to Earth to another while trying to get home. What if America lost the Revolutionary War? What if disease ran rampant because common vaccines had never been discovered? What if you were a washed-up celebrity on your own world, but in another dimension, you were a star as big as Elvis? The Sliders visited a lot of worlds like that.

Characters slide from one dimension to another via a "timer," a small hand-held device that allows them to open a wormhole. The device was small and portable, often modified from some other piece of technology, like a cell phone or a TV remote.

In their adventures, the sliders often ran into "doubles"--versions of themselves living out their own lives in other dimensions.


This game actually started as a round robin in the 1990s in a now-defunct "Sliders" forum. In fact, it started as nothing more than a joke post by a member named "Spindoctor," and it went like this:

"Several days ago, the bodies of several homeless persons were discovered in Golden Gate Park. The attending medical examiner has been unable to identify the cause of death after having performed exhaustive autopsies. None of the bodies have been identified. The only unusual fact is that each of the victims' eyes had been removed prior to discovery. If you have any information, please come forward. Maybe you can help solve a mystery!"

The post was an in-joke reference to the fan favorite episode "Invasion," which featured killer apes called Kromaggs who conquered other versions of Earth. One of their favorite delicacies was human eyes. At that point, the show was ignoring these cool characters after their first appearance, so it was a fun reference. (Later, the show's producers would completely change the Kromaggs and run them into the ground, but at this point it was a cool obscure mention.)

A poster named "Lexie" replied that she had seen something, so "Spindoctor" interviewed her. The jokes continued for a while, and then it turned to a more serious adventure story, and more writers joined in. While the writers used the basic universe and mythology from the series, we used our own new characters and wrote new adventures for them.

I had a lot of fun writing in that series, and I've been wanting to scratch my writing itch again lately. I've lost touch with most of the original people who were involved, so while I'll reference previous characters that were part of the story, I plan to only write in my own original characters. But my posts will occasionally reference the long history of the series.

Feel free to create your own character and join in the fun!

In case you want to read some of the old stories, take a look at this link I found to our old GeoCities page (now archived), but we'll mainly start fresh so that you don't have to know all this history to jump in.