Uneasy Reunion

A vortex opened in the middle of the park and Miles and Logan were promptly spat out before it closed. Logan looked around and consulted the sliding device she had pilfered from one of the downed agents from ITF Headquarters.

"Ziggy here says this is the world you were taken from. So your sister will be here." Logan told him. She returned the gadget to her jacket pocket and looked down at her hands. There was a moment where she zoned out, a look like she was about to throw up came over her face before she balled her hands into fists and looked to Miles with a firm frown. "So let's find this sister of yours."

"Best bet would be the Dominion where the agent arrested me," Miles told her, "we had a contingency plan to meet up there if we ever got separated."

"Smart cookie." Logan winked and started to walk towards the entrance of the park. "Looks like we're not far from the Dominion, let's get crackin'."

There was a long, awkward silence as the two made their way out of the park and onto the adjacent street. Logan became visibly agitated by it, her mind going to places she'd rather not go to at the moment so she looked to Miles. "Tell me about your sister."

"Huh?" Miles frowned in confusion.

"What's she like? What's she look like? So I can make a clear ID if I bump into her before you."

"Well... she more or less looks like me, just... a girl. She's my double, actually. We just call each other that because it's easier than telling people that we're the same person but from different universes."

This caught Logan's interest. "Really? So you two met while sliding, I take it?"

"She was sliding, met me and asked if I wanted to tag along." Miles told her.

"So..." Logan cocked her eyebrow. "Is there anything going on between you two?"

Miles looked at her, shocked and disgusted. "No! Oh god no! That'd be, like, incest!"

Logan shrugged. "Maybe, from a certain point of view. But you have to admit you both feel like you're in perfect synch with each other, you have a bond unlike anything you've had before with anyone. There's no deeper connection. I know, I've run into a opposite-sex double myself."

"And you two...?" Miles was mortified by the implication.

Logan shook her head and shrugged with a sheepish grin. "No, but I did have him under my sway for quite a while." Then her grin turned into a dour glance. "But I used our connection to manipulate him. Trick him into giving me sliding tech. It's part of the reason why I'm lost out here... Even tried to kill him..." She sighed. "I don't know what I'd say to him if I ever saw him again..."

"Sounds like you're quite the piece of work, Logan." Miles said.

Logan chuckled halfheartedly. "That I am, kid. You sure you want to stick around with me?"

Miles thought for a moment before nodding. "Despite everything you've told me... I find myself trusting you. Besides, you're all the help I have in finding Mia."

Logan smiled, "I guess. Come on, we're not far from the Dominion."


Mia glared at the mysterious man holding a gun on them. "Who are you? Where's my brother???"

Agent 47 was surprised by the gumption on the girl, despite having a gun on her he felt uneasy by her. Best keep his distance in case she decided to jump him. "I'm an agent for the Interdimensional Task Force, and your brother was arrested not too long ago by an associate of mine."

This only made Mia angrier. "Why? Where is he?"

"On another world, being processed. You and your brother are transient sliders, using unlicensed sliding tech. That's a felony in the ITF's book" Then he looked to WA. "You... you've got quite the list on you if I'm not mistaken."

WA shrugged at the agent with a wry grin. "So I take it you're gonna ship us off to the interdimensional gulag too?"

Agent 47 rolled his eyes, "You'll be taken in for processing, what they decide to do with you is up to my superiors."

Mia was glaring at the agent with fire in her eyes. 47 motioned with his pistol for her to stand up. Then to WA.

"Come on," 47 said. "I'm taking you both--"

There was a loud pop and a flash, then 47 went down in a heap. Behind him, standing in the doorway, was Miles with a stun baton. Logan immediately rushed inside and started to go through the agent's pockets for anything of use. Not paying attention to WA as she did so.

"Miles!" Mia ran up and embraced her brother in a relieved hug. "You're okay! This guy said you were arrested, that you were taken to another world! How...?"

"Good, old fashioned jail-break!" Miles beamed. "With some help from my new friend..."

"Logan St. Clair???" WA said in surprise.

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