Good Cop, Megalomaniacal Cop

Mia and Miles sat in the hotel room whilst quietly looking to one another then to the bathroom door, then back to one another.

"So she's, what? A multiversal criminal?" Mia asked, regarding Logan.

"From what she's told me so far, she's tried to pillage other worlds for their resources, killed more than a few people, and apparently worked with those things called Kromaggs. Which sound like serious bad news." Miles said.

"And you trust her???" Mia exclaimed.

Miles shrugged. "She helped me, and it seems like she's trying to do right. As best she can, anyways."

Mia crossed her arms. "I don't like her. I think we should just leave."

"And go where?" Miles asked. "Our timer's fried for good this time, and now we're on the ITF's radar. We're in so deep here I don't know what to do. At least WA and Logan have experience with all this."

"I don't like this, Miles." Mia sighed. "It was bad enough getting lost. But now... things just got a whole lot crazier." She looked to the bathroom again. "What do you think they're doing in there?"


When 47 came to he found himself bound to a chair in the bathroom of the hotel room he had found Mia and WA in. Standing in front of him was Logan St. Clair, notorious inter-dimensional criminal. Behind her was WA, who looked rather concerned as Logan waved smelling salts in front of 47's face.

"Wakey wakey," Logan said. "Time to spill all you know about the ITF."

"Remember, Logan, no rough stuff." WA warned.

"I'll try to be as vanilla as possible." Logan chided as she slapped 47 across the face. "Wake up!"

"Ow! I'm awake!" He struggled against the ropes. They were tight, no way to get loose.

"Yeah, you're not getting out of those," Logan said. "I know how to tie someone up." She chuffed and knelt down so she was at eye level with the agent. "Look, I know a bit about your little sliding police force, but we need to know more. Preferably how you track wormholes, which worlds you have agents and bases on, that sort of stuff. Play ball with us, and I won't have to..."

"Logan!" WA warned.

"Do something that'll make Mr. Good Cop over here get mad at me." Logan finished.

"I'm not talking." 47 said.

"We don't need critical information," WA said. Looking to Logan with annoyance. "We just need to know what the purpose of the ITF is."

"We're trying to maintain order in the multiverse." 47 said. "For years sliding has been used without any sort of system put in place to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. And what happened as a result? The Kromaggs." Then he looked to Logan. "And people like you."

"I don't work for the maggots anymore." Logan said with a bit more venom in her voice than she intended. "Don't you dare compare me to them! You think I wanted--"

"Logan!" WA had to step in and reign her back in. "You're getting off topic!"

Logan hissed her anger at the agent before shaking her head and taking a few steps back from him. She had to work hard to reel back the rage she was feeling at the moment.

"Then there's all the hapless fools getting lost across multiple Earths." 47 continued, "Like those two kids you have. Heck, the ITF was established after someone found sliding and ended up getting four people lost. It needs to be regulated!"

"Except you don't send people like Miles and Mia back home." Logan pointed out. "You send them to live on Amish worlds or scrounging for food with cave men and fending off dinosaurs with no hope of ever seeing their families again."

"It's the only way to guarantee they won't make another sliding device and continue making mischief." 47 insisted.

"That's horrible!" WA exclaimed.

"It's necessary." 47 said. "We proved that by putting an end to the Kromaggs. The system may be harsh, but it works. Sliding is such a dangerous science... you can't even fathom the horrors out there... You think the Kromaggs are bad? What if I told you they were just the tip of the giant, cosmic horror ice burg?"

Logan frowned. "What do you mean?"

"There's something out there... something that's destroying other worlds. Not pillaging like the Kromaggs, I mean wiping out entire Earths." 47's voice grew dark. It sent chills up both Logan's and WA's spine.

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