Two Paths

Once Mia and the others returned with the necessary tech the group got to work getting everything set up. The basement of the boarding house naturally became their sliding lab while the upper floors were reserved for room and board for the wayward sliders. Mama Latasha had spruced up the place rather well. It was clear to everyone she was keeping as busy as she could to not think about everything that had happened to her world and those she knew and loved. Yet she had a spirit that refused to be brought down by almost anything.

It was admirable, yet sad at the same time.

Once things were in place Miles looked to his sister, then to WA and shrugged. "Okay... so now what do we do?"

"We wait for Agent 47 to contact us with our first world to explore.

"How soon will that be?" Miles asked.

Two weeks later.

"I still think we should contact him, it's been two long!" Miles argued.

"That's not how this works." WA told him. "He has to contact us, we can't contact him."

"So we're supposed to sit on our thumbs and wait for two weeks?" Miles groaned.

"If you're so bored why don't you clean that mess you call a bedroom?" Mia said with a teasing grin.

"Yours is the room with a pile of clothes larger than the north face of the Eiger!" Miles shot back at her.

They all laughed. Then, suddenly, the ITF transmitter Agent 47 gave them came alive with loud beeps. Everyone went silent as WA answered it.

"Sorry for the wait, it took me a while to get in contact with my informants." Agent 47 told him.

"No worries." WA told him. "It gave us time to get ready."

"Good," 47 said bluntly. "I'm sending you the coordinates to two worlds of interest, as well as some information gathered by the preliminary scout team the ITF sent to them before declaring them as worlds with little-to-no-interest. Let me know if you find anything. 47, out." The line went cold and WA looked to the others.

"Time to get ready." He said with a grin that showed he was more than a little excited to finally get out there and do some good.

Sarah took a seat at one of the computers in the slide lab and read over the files 47 had sent to them. "First world is a world that apparently suffered some sort of apocalypse. The ITF scout team reported evidence of advanced technology but nothing of real interest to them, so they abandoned it."

"What's it say about people? Is it desolate?" WA asked.

Sarah shrugged. "The file says 'signs of life: minimal, evidence of nomadic groups present, no direct contact made.'" She looked to her husband and gave him a bemused look. "Some thorough investigation they made..." She said sarcastically.

"What about the other world?" Mia asked.

Sarah clicked through the computer a couple times before answering. "Second world is apparently an Earth the ITF was helping recover from a Kromagg invasion. The file says there's a contact we need to meet there who has information that may be of use to us."

"Alright, sounds promising." WA nodded. "So, who is going where?"

"Well between digging through the ruins of a dead civilization with the possibility of running into some sort of Mad Max rejects, or a world that was formerly occupied by Kromaggs, I think I'll go with the latter." Logan declared.

"I'd like to go to there too," Miles said.

"So I'll go to the abandoned world," Mia shrugged. "That way each team has a Turner." She winked to Miles with a wry smile.

Aaron spoke up, "I'll go with Mia."

Mia and Miles looked to WA and Sarah. Miles asked: "Well, you two pretty much run the show, so who is gonna lead which team?"

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