When In Doubt, Go To The Dominion

Miles stepped into The Dominion hotel and looked around. No sign of Mia in the lobby, but he wasn't about to panic just yet. At least not panic more than he was already. He was going on the assumption that Mia's craptastic timer had somehow managed to drop them on the same Earth in different places. He had no real evidence to support this theory, but the alternative was to go under the assumption that he and Mia were now on two separate Earths.

Miles preferred the former theory.

They had spoken about what they'd do if, by some chance, they got separated and since The Dominion seemed to be a fairly common staple of many-an-alternate-Earths. They opted it would be where they'd meet up. Miles went to the front desk and the same portly man, Gomez Calhoun, who seemed to work there in a statically improbably number of Earths greeted him with a smile.

"How can I help you sir?" Calhoun asked.

"I'm wondering if my sister booked a room here not too long ago, Mia Turner is her name?" Miles asked. "She's my height, medium length dark hair. Same eyes."

"Twins?" Calhoun asked with a friendly smile.

"We were born on the same day." Miles said with a cheeky grin. "Is she here?"

Calhoun consulted his computer and shook his head. "I don't have a Mia Turner here in the system. Sorry."

Not good. "Fine," Miles nodded. "I'd like to book a room then. And if she does show up, please tell her which room I'll be in."

"Fair enough." Calhoun smiled.

Miles always hated having to pay cash for the rooms, in a number of worlds he found the currency wasn't the same. Luckily, this was one world that shared similar enough currencies that Calhoun didn't notice.

"Alrighty, here's your key. Enjoy your stay at the Dominion, sir." Calhoun smiled at Miles before returning to what he had been previously doing.

As miles went upstairs he failed to notice that someone was watching him from the main lobby.

After stepping into his room Miles decided to get out of his soaking wet clothes and take a nice warm shower as they dried. Living life as a slider was a bit of a hassle. The warm water was a welcome change from the cold downpour he had just been through, and it helped ease the anxiety he was feeling about Mia.

He put on one of the hotel's robes and took a seat on one of the beds and decided to switch on the TV. It was a quick and dirty way of sussing out what kind of Earth he had arrived in. Ironically you could tell quite a lot about a world from the type of media the people watched on TV. So far, it seemed fairly consistent with what Miles' Earth was like. Except, for some bizarre reason, Jim Carrey was the host of "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" instead of Drew Carey, the reboot series notwithstanding of course.

Then there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Mia he got up and opened the door, only to find a gun in his face.

"Don't move." A man wearing a beige trench coat said as he held Miles at gunpoint.

"Who are you?" Miles asked. "If this is a robbery I don't have much on me, sadly."

"I'm an agent with the Interdimensional Security Task Force, you're under arrest for using unsanctioned technology to open an Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge." The agent said.

"What???" Miles exclaimed as the agent shoved him back and produced a pair of handcuffs from his trench coat. "This is... What???"

"Where's your device?" The agent asked after handcuffing Miles and having him sit on the nearby sofa.

"My what?"

"Your wormhole activation device?"

Miles frowned, confused. "Left it in my other pair of pants."

"Don't get cute with me, kid. Where is it?"

"I don't have it. My sister had it. We got separated, I have no idea where she is." Miles listed off the sentences in an annoyed tone.

"Sister?" The agent frowned and thought for a moment. "So it was a transient wormhole."

"A what?"

"You and your sister got dumped on the same world in different places." The agent explained.

Miles was relieved to know Mia was, indeed, on this world. "Look, officer..."

"Special Agent," The agent corrected.

"Whatever. Look. My sister and I are lost. Our timer... our wormhole activation whatsits, broke and we've been lost for the better part of a year now. I'm sorry if we broke some kind of law but... we're desperate."

The agent turned to look at Miles and rolled his eyes. "You sliders all have the same sob story don't you?" He proceeded to speak in a mocking, whiny tone. "My timer broke. We had to slide early to save ourselves. I'm a refugee from a Kromagg breeding camp. Meh meh meh. Listen, I don't care what your tragic backstory is, buddy. I'm here to do a job and that's to bring you in for questioning."

"What about my sister?" Miles asked.

"Someone else will be around to collect her shortly." The agent produced a timer from his pocket and activated it. A silvery blue vortex opened on the far side of the room and the agent gestured with his gun for Miles to step in.

"I'm not leaving without my sister." Miles stated sternly.

"You got two choices!" The agent shouted over the droning howl of the vortex. "Either you get in that wormhole or I'm gonna put you in it! Your choice!"

Miles shrugged and sighed before complying and stepping through the vortex. The agent followed, and then the vortex closed.

The next few hours felt like a blur to Miles as he was put through a rigorous processing procedure inside what he felt was a deep underground military complex of some sort. At least that's the impression the place gave him, for all he knew he was in a space station in orbit around the moon. Since he had been arrested in nothing but a bath robe a set of ill-fitting and itchy clothes had been provided for him. And after being fingerprinted, DNA-stamped, and practically every single bodily fluid of note had been extracted from him he was tossed in a cell and told to wait until he was to be interrogated.

Much to his surprise, Miles was not alone in his cell. A lone woman was sitting in the corner of the cell and she regarded him with a small smile.

"Welcome to rock bottom, kid." The woman said.

"You're a slider too?" Miles asked.

"Or rifter, or jumper, or whatever funny name you prefer. I prefer slider, myself." The woman said as she idly picked at the concrete wall with her fingernail. Then she offered her hand to Miles and introduced herself. "Logan St. Clair. Expert on inter-dimensional travel, multiversal vagabond, and murderer."

Miles paused, reluctant to shake her hand.

Logan shrugged and retracted her hand. "Yeah, I don't blame you. But right now I'm your best friend."

"How's that?" Miles asked.

"Because I'm gonna help you bust out of here... mister...?"

"Miles Turner."

"Pleasure to meet you. So... Miles... whatcha in for?"

"I didn't kill anyone if that's what you're thinking." Miles said.

"Oh, you think I'm in here for that?" Logan chuckled. "No, no, no. I'm in here for being what's called an 'inter-dimensional deviant.'" The said the term in visible air quotes. "That's their term for people like you and me. The ITF? They hate us sliders. Hate how we just bop about, doing what we please and making a mess of things. They think we should be regulated, kept from wandering about. And maybe they're right. I mean, hell have you ever seen what the Kromaggs did to the worlds they visited?"

"What's a Kromagg?" Miles asked.

"You've never seen a Kromagg?" Logan raised an eyebrow. "Consider yourself lucky. They're..." Logan's smile faded and her eyes glossed over as something played inside her mind. "They're the stuff of nightmares." Then she paused and thought for a moment. "How long have you been sliding?"

"Barely a year. I got lost, with my sister."

"Ah... I'm in the same boat as you." Logan smirked. "Got lost quite a long time ago. Still haven't found home." Then she sighed. "Though I can't say I didn't deserve it... So where's your sister?"

"We got separated. Though these ITF guys... they said they'd be sending someone for her."

"Let's hope she's more slippery than you." Logan said as she began to stretch out the kinks in her back and legs from sitting in the cell all day.

"Why? We haven't done anything wrong. We just got lost." Miles insisted.

"ITF doesn't care. They're strict when it comes to these things. Very 'by the book.'" Logan rolled her eyes when she said that. "Trust me, I've had plenty of run-ins with these guys. They're very touchy about people who have the knowledge to slide. Odds are they're going to send us to some world where the only technology is stone rocks and spears."

"So they're some evil government entity or something?" Miles asked.

Logan shook her head. "Oh, they're not evil. Just... very particular about the laws they've established. See, the ITF was founded when the FBI investigated a disappearance that was the result of sliding. They found the formula for wormholes, developed their own sliding tech, and started traveling around the multiverse. Then they saw just how nuts things are out here and, being a bunch of bureaucratic pencil-pushers, now want to keep things neat and tidy for their file drawers. So, worse than evil, they're not looking to take over the multiverse, they want to tie it all up in red tape." Logan chuckled. "In fact they're one of the few 'good' forces operating in the multiverse. They've been instrumental in stopping Kromagg invasions of numerous Earths in the past. Though you'd be hard pressed to find a more tight-sphinctered group..."

Miles took all this in then nodded. "So you said you could bust us out of here?"

Logan smirked. "I can, but I'll need your help. First thing's first... how long can you hold your breath?"

(OOC: I hope this works as a good introduction to the Multiverse Cops, I figured Inter-dimensional Task Force (ITF) would be a decent enough designation, but you're welcome to change it to something else if you think it's not so fitting. I kinda set up the possibility that another agent is gonna be after Mia, and by proxy W.A. so you can either have them handle that or work out what's happened to Miles another way. I wanted to leave it open so if you had a different idea for how to take things you're more than welcome to. Again, hope this works as a good next step in eventually getting our characters together.)

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