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Summary: A girl unsure of her own abilities.

Isabel Corona

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: SeeDs



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Gunblade Specialist

Wields the "Desperado" gunblade, a lever action shotgun handle with a standard Revolver blade.

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

A slender girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Tends to wear her standard-issue SeeD uniform jacket over a red and black hooded sweater and a pair of jeans. Also carries a hip pouch full of various items.

Personality and interests

Isabel is an easygoing young woman who tends not to go out looking for fights, yet has been in enough of them that she can hold her own. Her gentle nature hides a ruthless streak that's reserved for those who manage to anger her, mostly by harming her friends.

She also suffers from crippling low self-esteem and is highly critical of herself, and despite all she's accomplished feels she is undeserving of her good fortune. This has resulted in a somewhat perfectionist attitude that made her a skillful gunblade user, however her neuroses keeps moving the bar higher for her.


Isabel was orphaned during a small skirmish between remnant G-Army forces and the New Galbadian Republic. She was taken in, like many orphaned in the war, by a kindly old woman known only as "Matron" and raised in an orphanage in Balamb.

When Galbadia Garden was reinstated, they offered to take her in and train her as a SeeD. She took interest in the very-difficult to use gunblade and became proficient in its use. Adapting a "Desperado" style gunblade which utilized more powerful ammunition and "flip-cocks" into the combat style.

She was granted use of the GF Fenrir, who has given her intimate knowledge of wind magic, which she attributes to her speed in order to move swiftly in battle.

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Image of Isabel Corona
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