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Summary: Headmaster of Balamb Garden

Squall Leonhart

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: SeeDs



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Gunblade Master

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

Tall man with brown hair, and a visible scar running town his brow and the bridge of his nose.

Personality and interests

Squall has matured significantly since his experiences as a teenager. The once cold and abrasive teenager has grown into a cool and confident man, sure of himself and fully capable of shouldering the myriad of responsibilities that he must bare.

Now the headmaster of Balamb Garden, Squall has taken to spending less time on the battlefield and more time sitting behind a desk, which he finds tiresome. Yet he knows his duties require him to be there instead of out in the world fighting monsters and slaying sorceresses.


For Squall's full background and his role in the events of Final Fantasy VII, see the Final Fantasy wiki for answers.

After the events of Final Fantasy VIII Squall and his friends found themselves having to work to bring peace to the now broken Galbadia. With the Trabia Accords now requiring the disarmament of most of the G-Army there were those within the military that refused and numerous skirmishes broke out across the continent. Squall, his friends, and the rest of the SeeDs from Balamb were called in to put an end to the conflict.

In the years since then Squall and Rinoa continued their relationship for a time, however her powers as a sorceress were always a matter of issue and soon Rinoa came to the conclusion that she had to go out on her own and learn more about her powers. Despite Squall's desires to follow her into the unknown, they both knew that, for the time being, they had to be apart. He had a duty to the students of Balamb Garden, and she needed to find the secrets of the Sorceress Power alone.

Squall holds no ill sentiment about this, however, and is confident he will see Rinoa again.

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Image of Squall Leonhart
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