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Summary: Gun-toting Instructor of Galbadia Garden

Purvis Terre

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: SeeDs



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Firearms Expert

Wields The HK-49 Advanced Munitions Casette (A Gun case that also happens to be a big machinegun itself)

Contents of The Casette:

Dual 10mm Pistols with extra ammunition magazines.
Sawn-off shotgun with spare cartridges.
M-203 Grenade Launcher with various grenade rounds.

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

A tall man with medium length dark hair who always wears his blue SeeD uniform, sometimes wears a black coat over it. Often seen carrying his large, and incredibly heavy, HK Armory Casette.

Personality and interests

Purvis is a confident man with a witty personality. Many of his students like him for this, though he does tend to irritate the other instructors with his constant disregard for Garden rules. He's been reprimanded on a number of occasions, however he has yet to have his instructor license revoked on account of his high student-graduate turnout rate and high test scores.

He does, however harbor some survivor's guilt over surviving a G-Army invasion of Timber where a number of his fellow cadets were killed. And he holds himself personally responsible for their deaths in spite of evidence to the contrary. This results in him valuing the lives of every student he has to the point many look up to him like a big brother.


Purvis lived in Deling City with his grandparents, as both his parents were soldiers in the G-Army when he was young. Sadly, they were killed in action and he was subsequently offered a chance to join Galbadia Garden and train as a SeeD.

Purvis's initiation took place in Timber where a remnant G-Army force had invaded and he and his fellow cadets were tasked with helping the newly reborn Forest Owls retake the city. While successful, Purvis lost his entire squad in an ambush, of which he was the only survivor. He was given SeeD status and eventually became an instructor.

His GF is Hasmal, a Titan of Earth. Hashmal has granted him intimate knowledge of the magics of the Earth, which Purvis junctions in order bolster his own, already freakish strength so he can carry the insanely heavy HK Casette. He prefers his firearms and tends to only use magic sparingly.

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Image of Purvis Terre
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