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Summary: Headmistress of Galbadia Garden

Headmistress Charon

Gender: Female

Age: 40's

Group: SeeDs



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Headmistress of Galbadia Garden

Blade Dancer

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

Headmistress Charon is a stunningly beautiful woman with long, black, flowing hair and is often seen wearing a white traditional robe with the Galbadia Garden insignia emblazoned on the back.

Personality and interests

Headmistress Charon comes off as somewhat aloof when addressing students. Yet those who know her say she is a genuinely kind-hearted person, and a deep source of wisdom. Many of the male students fall for her due to her immense beauty, many graduating SeeD Members have been known to choke up at the sight of her, yet she laughs it off and takes it in good stride.

However, being Headmistress of a school that is now known as the former flagship for The Sorceress isn't easy, and much of her time is spent ensuring that the Garden is living up to the standards set by the amendment in the Trabia Accords regarding the Garden. This pressure often has her anxious, though she refuses to show it to the instructors or cadets.


A member of Galbadian Garden back during The Sorceress's reign, she was one of many students who rebelled against the Galbadian Military and refused to stand with the Sorceress. She eventually became the leader of the rebelling SeeD students within the Garden, and then later during the various skirmishes in the wake of the Galbadian Government's collapse. She worked for years to bring peace to her beloved home.

Headmaster Leonhart of Balamb Garden saw her potential and worked for years to appoint her headmistress of Galbadia's Garden when it was eventually reinstated. Reluctantly, she took the job, and has been glad she did ever since despite the level of stress the job entails.

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Image of Headmistress Charon
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