Image of Hashmal

Summary: Guardian Force Junctioned to Purvis


Gender: Male

Age: N/A

Group: Guardian Force (GF)



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Titan of Earth Magic

Junction GF

Junctioned to Purvis

Physical Appearance

Hashmal appears as a massive humanoid with elaborate bladed appendages and the head of a lion.

Personality and interests

Hashmal is the epitome of patience, yet when unleashed is as chaotic as an earthquake. His bond with Purvis is strong, and he has an enormous sense of pride in how he has opened up Purvis's own strength to greater levels.



GF Ability

Str-Atk-J - Passive ability, Hashmal devotes his energies to amplifying Purvis's strength. Typically Purvis uses this to wield his massive assortment of firearms. However, facing an unarmed Purvis is just as suicidal as facing him while armed, as his raw physical strength is devastating.

Great Divide - Primary attack, when summoned Hasmal can unleash a devastating earthquake which pelts enemies with boulders from below.

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