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Summary: A rugged individual hoping for a brighter future.

Kato Evermoore

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: SeeDs



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Melee Specialist/
Longsword or any other sharp metal object/
Time Magic

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

Kato stands at about 6 feet and is rather slender, if well-muscled. He has thick-straight blonde hair that sticks out every which way and vivid blue eyes. He might be a guy, but he thinks ear piercings are cool. Don't judge him for that.

Personality and interests

Kato is rather rough around the edges due to his upbringing and is not exactly warm and cuddly. That doesn't mean he's cruel or sadistic, he just has a hard time connecting with people and being polite.

Kato is actually quite sharp, but he doesn't appear so to the casual observer due to his lack of social skills, laziness, ADD, Dyslexia, and near-illiteracy. He generally comes across as an angsty meat-head, disguising (usually unintentionally) his powerful memory, tactical acumen, creativity, and perceptive abilities.

Kato isn't really sure what he wants out of life, and instead of pushing himself towards any particular direction, he lets himself follow the whims of the moment. His Guardian Force, Mithrat, shamelessly exploits this weakness to manipulate Kato into accomplishing his own enigmatic goals.


Kato's father was a G-soldier who perished during the turmoil that encompassed Galbadia 17 years ago. His mother took on work as a professional housekeeper and was barely able to make enough money to support herself and Kato. When Kato was 14 years old, tensions between him and his mother boiled over when she yelled at him for not contributing enough to their survival, and Kato ended up running away from home and living with one of the street gangs that he had begun spending a lot of time with. Life as a gangster was rough, and Kato did a lot of things that he regretted, but he learned how to fight and survive.

When Kato was 17, he was assigned to a team that was assigned to build a drug-smuggling warehouse in the forest on the outskirts of town. Construction of the hidden warehouse was nearly completed when the team was attacked by a powerful monster. Kato alone would report back to the gang, saying he was the only one who managed to flee with his life, but this was only a half-truth of what had actually happened.

The monster had stealthily killed half the team before an alarm had been raised, but Kato and the remaining gangsters had managed to group together for a counterattack. The attack, however, was a disaster, and most of the remaining gangsters were cut down like wheat before a scythe, leaving only Kato and a gangster named Ishmel alive. Just as Kato and Ishmel were about to make an inevitably futile attempt to flee, the creature spoke, offering them a choice. They could try to continue fighting, or they could turn on each other, and the creature claimed it would then submit to the winner. Although neither Kato nor Ishmel trusted the creature, they decided to take the latter option, as they were probably toast anyway. Kato won, slaying Ishmel in the process, and surprisingly, the creature fulfilled its end of the bargain. The creature revealed that it was a Guardian Force called Mithrat that was seeking a champion. Through this trial by fire, Mithrat had become Kato's Guardian Force.

Soon after returning with news of the attack, Mithrat persuaded Kato to abandon his life of crime and turn himself into a law enforcement agency. At Mithrat's behest, Kato shared his testimony with a detective and confessed a significant number of his crimes. Although he received a prison sentence as was to be expected, it ended up being a lot shorter than Kato had thought it would be.

Kato served less than a year in prison (during which he survived several attempts on his life from the gang that he had essentially defected from) before he was nominated for a rehabilitation program in which he was sent to the recently re-opened Galbadia Garden, largely due to the fact that he already had a GF. Since then, Kato has been struggling to get along with his peers and pass his classes, but he has at least managed the later after a bit of a rough start.

GF Ability

Mithrat's passive support allows Kato to foresee what is going to happen a moment before it occurs. This allows Kato to have seemingly super-human reflexes as he is able to predict what his opponents will do and react accordingly (assuming he knows how to).

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Image of Kato Evermoore
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