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Summary: A stoic rhino of magma, ever melting and re-hardening


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Gender: N/A (Male pronouns)

Age: N/A

Group: Guardian Force (GF)



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Primary element: Fire
Secondary element: Earth

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

Like a living statue of a rhino, built from dark, jagged rocks, filled with magma that spills out of cracks around its body. It seems like it is continuously remaking itself.

Personality and interests

Has a stoic, unyielding attitude, with little humor but a large sense of honor. Doesn't often feel the need to speak up.


Gargon used to belong to Lily's mother, who primarily called upon him to assist with the forge. As a result, she lost a portion of her memories, including the one of Lily being born. The realization that that moment had become lost to her caused her great grievance towards Guardian Forces and she never intended to call on Gargon again, but after the invention of seals and Lily going to the Garden, she reluctantly gave control over Gargon over to Lily.

GF Ability

Can refine earth and fire magic.
Summoning ability: a pool of lava appears. Gargon will poke his head out to check the surroundings, then dive and make his way to the targets underground. At their location, he bursts out of the crust as a small volcano, letting the explosion of magma do the work for him.

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Image of Gargon
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