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Summary: Kato, lad, when have I ever steered you wrong?


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Gender: Seems Male

Age: N/A

Group: Guardian Force (GF)



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Chrono Magic

Junction GF

Junctioned to Kato

Physical Appearance

Mithrat kind of looks like a skeletal werewolf covered in a drab cloak. He stands at about 7 feet tall when standing straight, which usually isn't the case as he prefers to stay hunched over. To say that he looks spooky would be something of an understatement.

Personality and interests

Unlike a lot of other GFs, Mithrat doesn't offer his protection and guidance without expecting something in return. He seems to have some kind of an agenda, but what exactly his goals are is just as mysterious as everything else about him. He doesn't have qualms with being manipulative, deceptive, and taking advantage of people, including his current protectee, Kato Evermoore. That's not to say that Mithrat is malevolent, to the contrary, he has helped Kato become a much better man than he would have been otherwise, but Mithrat's end game might not be as benevolent as he claims it is.


If he has a history, Mithrat is very reticent to share it.

GF Ability

Passive - Short Range Foresight: Mithrat enables Kato to see about a second into the future when in combat, which allows Kato to react to his opponent's attacks before they even throw them. Mithrat himself also uses this ability when he finds himself in a fight.

Active - Time Manipulation Spells: When summoned, Mithrat can use time magic to briefly quicken time for his allies or slow time for his enemies.

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Image of Mithrat
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