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Summary: A kind girl trying to find her way

Crystal winters

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Gender: Femail

Age: 17

Group: SeeDs



Character Class/Weapon Specialization/GF Element

Long bow

Junction GF


Physical Appearance

Crystal stands at about 5 feet 6 inches. She has long whit hair that she normally keeps up in a ponytail. She has eyes blue eyes and extremely pail skin. She tipicly wears light weight clothes that are easy to move in.

Personality and interests

Crystal is a kind gentle nature. She enjoys archery having learned the art from her father. She is brilliant and loves to learn. She does not like bullies usually standing up to fight for those who can not fight for themselves. She is also extremely loyal. She is very careful about who she picks as a friend, but once she is your friend there is nothing that could make her give up on you.


Crystals mother died when she was born there was a complication during her birth. Her father was at one point a G-soldier and raised Crystal by himself. She. The G-soldiers were disbanded he became a hunter, teaching crystal the art of archery. She took to it quickly and became a master at the old art. By the age of 17, she very rarely misses a shot.

One day crystal and her friends were out in the forest when a huge animal crossed their path. It was a large cat with white and black spotted fur. It's eyes where brilliant blue. Crystals friends were startled by the animal and took off running head back into town. The animal ran after her friends. Crystal put herself between the animal and her friends. The animals knocked her aside and continued to chase her friend. Not having her now with her she picked some stones and ran after the animal throwing the rocks and yelling at it trying to get its attention off her friends. The animal eventually did leave her friends alone. He turned an stalked years her. He explained what he was and that he admired her determination to save her friends and became her force garden. Shortly after that incident she was accepted into the Galbadia Garde school.

GF Ability

Snowflake usually communicates directly with crystal giving her advice. He also helps her hear and see better then she normally would. Allowing her to blend in and hide in plain sight.

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Image of Crystal winters
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