This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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SeeDs is set within the world of Final Fantasy VIII, several years after the events of the game. You play as a new generation of prospective SeeDs, specially trained mercenaries, at the military academy known as Garden.

In the original game you started out as Squall Leonhart in Balamb Garden and gathered a group of other SeeD members to stop the evil Sorceress Ultimecia. This time, however your home Garden is that of the recently reinstated Galbadia Garden, which is under intense scrutiny by the entire world due to serving Ultimecia in the previous game. It is up to you to reinstate Galbadia Garden's good name while saving the world from a new threat.

SeeDs is a narrative-based play-by-post RPG, which basically means that we'll be focusing on telling a story, collaborating through our characters to continue the plot. Which, naturally, begs the question of how you translate some of the gameplay elements of the original game into this new format? Primarily, how does one handle summons (called Guardian Forces (GF) in the game) in a game more focused on narrative storytelling instead of turn-based combat?

It took me some deep thinking and I believe I found a novel solution that should keep things from getting too zany.

Guardian Forces (GFs) are powerful supernatural beings who inhabit the world and grant their services to the warriors who defeated them. This allows those warriors to JUNCTION a GF, granting the user access to the ability to use magic and JUNCTION MAGIC to various attributes. The warrior can also SUMMON GF's to help them in battle. However, research into the use of GFs has revealed a debilitating side-effect: severe memory loss.

It has been discovered that continued summoning of a GF causes the memory of the summoner to degrade, starting with early childhood memories. However, in recent years measures have been taken to mitigate this side-effect. To prevent this memory loss from occurring, new SeeDs are given a GF SEAL to junction. ONE SEAL is given to each SeeD member to junction. This SEAL is tailored to that user, and only that user.

(Basically, what this means is that players can have only ONE GF junctioned to their character. Summoning them in battle is fine, as I'm sure there will be some fun and inventive ways to introduce GF's into combat and storytelling. When a GF is summoned, they're basically there until the player decides they are sent back into their seal. Think how summoning works in later FF titles like FFX, basically it becomes a super-charged pokemon battle.)

Since most GF's are intelligent beings with great power, they are also given a group in the Characters page. So feel free to make a profile for both your character and their corresponding GF.

Since you can only have on GF per character, and I'm not sure how many players will join, feel free to pull from the entire pantheon of summoned creatures from all known Final Fantasy games or create your own!


Like most PBP games, SeeDs operates on a "no godmodding" policy. So don't take control of other characters and all that jazz, I'm sure that's an obvious one.

Be courteous and respectful of other players, again, should be a no-brainer.

SeeDs is a game set in the Rated T game Final Fantasy VIII, so let's go ahead and keep it T rated here as well. No explicit sex (soap-opera romances are, sadly, fair game though since it is a Final Fantasy game), violence (we hack people up with swords but aside from a few drops of blood most are just gonna, for some odd reason, just fade from reality when you hit them), and excessive foul language (in this game the worst thing you can be called is a "chicken-wuss").

Rules on Character Creation

This is a new thing I'm doing since I've had troubles with this in the past. Typically I hate telling people what they can and can't make in my games but I've had some people go and make some truly bizarre and, frankly, unfitting characters given the type of games they were in.

So I'd prefer it if players stuck to human characters. I don't want any dolphin people showing up in my game because you have a weird thing for dolphins. There are some inhuman characters in the FFVIII setting (shumi and moomba to be precise) however I am hesitant to grant players access to these creatures as player characters.

Also, I will not accept obvious expy's (exported characters) from other games/movies/comics. If you try to make Loki from The Avengers I'm not going to accept it, I don't care how you twist the lore to justify their existence. Come up with original characters, please.

No doubt some people will be interested in potentially bringing in some of FFVIII's original cast into the game. I don't see a real problem with this, however do speak to me about it before you go ahead and do it. Some characters are just not going to be available for players (for example, if you were wanting to play as Laguna that is impossible as he has died by the time this game's events have started. Sad, I know, but it's relevant to the plot).

I'm also not placing a limit to the number of characters a player can make. Should we get more players I may place a limit later on but for right now I don't see an issue if you want three or more characters.


World Map, Lore, and The Story Thus Far.

Here's a world map for those unfamiliar to the various locations in the Final Fantasy VIII world.

If you're unfamiliar with Final Fantasy, and particularly Final Fantasy VIII it takes place in a semi-science-fiction setting with the obvious fantasy trapping still in place. Much of the world is more or less modern with a few technological advancements such as space stations and giant robots. Plus there's a lost civilization that most likely had hyper-advanced magic-based technology. So it's a real hodge-podge of genres and technological levels.

Instead of filling up a small novel's worth of lore onto the info page I highly recommend checking out the Final Fantasy Wiki, I'll link to the page pertaining to the world of FFVIII as a starting point.

I will post some background info on the major countries and their various cultures. As well as some information on what's been going on since the end of the original game.

Galbadian territory spans the western continent, but that was not always the case. 4000 years ago the civilization of Centra created two major empires: Dollet and Esthar. While Dollet, in the west, excelled in military force, Esthar, in the east, grew scientifically advanced.

80 years ago, after Centra's destruction, Dollet split into three countries: Dollet, Timber and Galbadia. Sorceress Adel, the ruler of Esthar, made a bid for world domination, but was opposed by Galbadia's growing military under the leadership of Vinzer Deling. To bolster its forces during the Sorceress War, Galbadia attempted to invade and conquer its neighbors, and Galbadia became a totalitarian nation, as during the war power was given to the government to fight against the technologically superior nation of Esthar.

Although Sorceress Adel was deposed by her own subjects, Vinzer Deling continued to conquer, and the majority of the western continent came under the Galbadian flag, although there are rebel factions fighting the oppression, most notably in Timber.

During the events of Final Fantasy VIII Sorceress Edea (controlled by Sorceress Ultimecia in the future) is able to manipulate Vinzer Deling into granting her control of Galbadia and subsequently kills him. She then has Galbadia forces launch missiles at all the enemy gardens who could pose a threat to her. Balamb Garden is able to avoid this attack thanks to its ability to become a mobile flying fortress.

Squall Leonhart lead Balamb Garden in a great "Battle Of The Gardens." And is able to defeat Edea, which frees her from Ultimecia's control.

With Edea gone, Galbadia is left being led by Seifer, Fujin and Raijin. After salvaging the Lunatic Pandora, the G-Army infiltrates Esthar City in the Siege of Esthar. Steering the Lunatic Pandora on the Tears' Point induces Lunar Cry, and Esthar is overridden by monsters as Sorceress Adel's tomb falls from space to the Pandora to become Ultimecia's new host body.

However, Squall and the rest of Balamb's SeeD are able to defeat Adel before this happens.

At this point most of the Galbadian soldiers are unwilling to follow Seifer further and go AWOL, and even Fujin and Raijin abandon him. Seifer is defeated by the SeeD, and appears to no longer be affiliated with Galbadia, as he returns to Balamb with Fujin and Raijin for a more peaceful life.

In the wake of these stunning defeats the Galbadian continent was thrown into upheaval. For the next 17 years the power vacuum left by Edea caused a number of military leaders within the G-Army to attempt to seize control. However this upheaval also led to a number of rebel factions such as the Forest Owls
to try and reclaim their freedom from Galbadian rule.

Various wars and skirmishes broke out across the region until the combined efforts of Balamb Garden and the Esthar nation, as well as Trabia, stepped in to try and bring peace to the war torn continent. The Trabia Accords were signed some time later which demanded the G-Army be dismantled while Dollet, Timber, and every other country once held by Galbadia be given their freedom. And Galbadia's Garden was to be grounded and closed. However a new amendment was recently added that allowed the garden to be reopened, though with various limitations in place.

Some G-Army members refused to acknowledge the accords and went rogue with a number of followers. These G-Remnants continue to pop up sporadically in a number of areas across the globe even to this day.

Balamb and Balamb Garden
Balamb is a small island country that used to be part of the Holy Dollet Empire, but since becoming autonomous, it has remained calm and peaceful. Balamb is mainly accessed by boats, although it is also connected to the Galbadian continent by underwater train, which offers a service from the town to Timber.

Since the events of the game, Balamb has enjoyed nothing but peace and prosperity.

Balamb Garden, however, has become a mobile military fortress and academy for many prospective SeeD cadets. Whenever trouble strikes, Balamb Garden is quick to respond.

Esthar is one of the main political powers in Final Fantasy VIII, and also the name of the nation's capital, Esthar City. Located on the large continent to the east of Galbadia, Esthar is Galbadia's major political rival and its territory spans the entire eastern continent. Esthar is technologically-advanced and is governed by a president.

For some time that President was the beloved, Lifetime President Laguna Loire, however Laguna passed away some time before the events of SeeDs. The new President is now Alter Ganz.

While once isolationist, Esthar has found itself in need of resources in the wake of the Lunar Cry which devastated Esthar City during the events of FFVIII. While still significantly advanced, much of their resources were depleted trying to contain and control the flood of monsters that invaded their city. They have established trade routes with a number of countries, the primary two being Trabia and Galbadia.

This new influx of advanced technology to the other countries has resulted in a number of fascinating new inventions, the most notable being G-Seals for use in summoning Guardian Forces without the memory loss side effect.

Trabia is the continent northeast of the Final Fantasy VIII world map. As such, it is an icy-cold region with snowy white landscape. Mountains dot the mainland surrounded by small islands and the region is plagued with monsters. A curious crater separates the Trabia continent from Esthar's Mordred Plains.

This crater is the result of a Lunar Cry Esthar triggered over the mountains while testing the Lunatic Pandora 17 years before the events of the game; Laguna witnesses the event from afar during his ill-fated movie appearance in the area. From a gameplay perspective, the crater serves as a physical barrier which prevents the player from gaining access to the Esthar continent too early in the game. If the player attempts to fly Balamb Garden over the crater they will be stopped and Nida will exclaim about how the Garden's gauge is going berserk. This could be due to excessive magic in the area as a result of the Lunar Cry.

Trabia Garden's students and personnel comprise most of the citizenry; Trabia also apparently does a lot of research in advanced agricultural methods, and the inhabitants have a distinct Trabia dialect. Trabia is also revealed to have an army, and in the event of war, all citizens are to be conscripted. However, the need for this has never arisen.

After the Garden was struck by missiles fired by Galbadia under orders of Sorceress Edea, Trabia's people became intent on seeing the threat of Galbadia be neutralized. They were the instrumental factor in the writing up of The Trabia Accords which demanded the demilitarization of Galbadia.

It was a point of contention for many Trabians when the ammendment allowing Galbadia Garden to reopen, as tensions between the two countries have yet to fully resolve.